|   Feb 07, 2017

Life has taught many lessons which bring good change in me.

Stop cultivating myth in others:

I was at times when I got anger for almost everything. Later patience prevails in me through my kid. Never took a step to control my anger but it happens naturally. Like many other woman post pregnancy depression took its place as we need to take care of our newborn and sleepless nights may be the reason but the real reason lies in the myth heard from others. Later met a woman who was in last trimester told the new mom stories I experienced like other mom did to me. But her answer made me to think how optimistic she was. She told that there will be sleepless nights and need more energy but let us face it with positive approach as it going to happen for few days. Her approach unveils myth in my mind. Thereafter I stopped pouring my experience upon others as each mom will have unique journey with their baby.

Understanding People:

I read many quotes regarding how to think from others situation but not followed much. At first I react to everything without a single thought. Series of episode happens which ended up in hatred. Days healed the pains. Now I could understand better which brings more peace in me. Always stay away from the people who appreciate for your normal duty. At the same time never widen up your eyes for the criticism as it travels deep causing stress. So have neutral reactions for those two categories of people.

Have low expectation:

It is easy to advice not to expect but lots of practice needed to get the real happiness. We expect more from our dear ones but if that not happens will get disappointed. If the things not happened as expected I started explaining with the person instead of getting frustrated. Felt really happy after working on this. 

Making valuable time:

            After morning hectic hours started learning new thing everyday which filled my soul full of happiness. Sometime it's ok to be imperfect as we need our own time for soul satisfaction since no one is going to give us an award for perfection. Learning a new thing keeps you hungry everyday for getting out the good talents in you. Moreover it gives you confidence to stand out in a unique way. Above all it helps us to reduce unwanted gossiping time and save us for the better future.

 Don’t show off:

           It is necessary to respect others feelings. But we never need to show off to please them in fake manner. Better to reveal the truth than being an illusion.

Finally we should have some prayer time which enrich our mental strength for handling situations in a better way. Enjoy every moment in life as it going to happen once. Thank you for your valuable time spent on reading my blog.

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