Traditional Diwali....:)
|   Nov 13, 2015
Traditional Diwali....:)

Diwali - I call it as a king of festivals as it brings more joyful memories to me. Childhood Diwali is always best as it has traditional touch in almost everything right from healthy way of making sweets, early morning shower, elders' blessing, temple darshans, friends chit chats etc… My mom would start preparing sweets 4 days prior to Diwali. In those days we rush home from school with much fervor looking forward to savor moms magic. I admire my mom’s dedication in making and her ever flowing energy which I can only wish for.  The day before Diwali was such a busy day as we have more to eat from dawn to dusk. Onion sambhar, garama garam bhaji’s were the highlights and tradition too. My father’s traditional way of making mango leaves thoran to invite goddess Laxmi would add to the beauty of the already beautiful Diwali eve and our sweet smelling home sweet home. I always had the fear of bursting crackers but I enjoyed watching. Occasion is further made joyous and colorful with the newly bought clothes.  Dressing up is so integral to any Indian festival; Diwali is more special that way in that we get to dress up in new clothes.  Early morning dark sky sparkling with lights, soothing morning ragas and our beautiful temple surroundings adds more joyful memories to our Diwali. Last but not the least - next day of Diwali will be a colorful day in our school as we can wear our Diwali dress. Wow! Blessed are we to have savored those evergreen Diwali moments. Let us already look forward to next Diwali and best of everything!  Stay blessed.

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