Omg... Today is the delivery!!!!
|   Apr 24, 2017
Omg... Today is the delivery!!!!

Finally the big day has arrived...All our family members had arrived​ a day before to welcome the baby... Joy of seeing the family members n also fear about the c section​ which i had to go through because of certain circumstances.. what if anything goes wrong during operation or with my baby... I was totally nervous... I had even told my husband to take care of our baby if i won't come back from the hospital... (seems like a hospital scene of a pregnant women dieing in the movie).. but he was cool enough to deal with my change in moods n thoughts​.. I was admitted the next day morning.. all i had in my mind was my baby... My prayers for a healthy baby... I was taken to OT after the initial preparations in the ward..assistant doctors were quick enough to get ready and by seeing them i got even more scared than before n started shivering... asst.doctors were kind enough to keep me calm but i was not comfortable..I kept on asking for my husband. Doctor who was supposed to do my operation entered OT followed by my husband... Little relief on my face after seeing him as he is the only person who can bring a smile on my face in the toughest situation... He sat on a stool next to me and held my hand... We both looked at each other n were totally blank... My blood pressure went high since i was so nervous about the operation... He was smiling n telling that it's almost over, few more minutes.. n we heard our Baby's voice after 12mins of being in that nervousness...It was a pleasure to hear the first cry of our baby... My husband got to know if it is a baby boy or girl....

Doctor asked him to tell me​ if it's a prince or princess.. He said we will see the baby together.. I was stairing at him... I couldn't wait anymore... He said it's a boy... Little disappoint on my face as i was expecting a baby girl... Doctor brought our prince close to me and tears just rolled out of joy. The innocent, cute face of the baby made me to forget all the fear i had.. Whether it's​ a boy or girl, it was our baby... i kissed on his forehead.. that was the most memorable moment of my life.... 

No matter, how much fear, nervousness, negative thoughts we might had before the delivery... Everything will just vanish after seeing the baby n you turn out to be the most positive person n feel so confident... Everything went well n I'm glad to be a mother of 3 months old cute baby.

Sharing my experiences over here because i feel that no one should get scared as much as i did about the c section... It's the safest procedure n trust your doctor.. 

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