Love You Forever..
|   Jun 06, 2017
Love You Forever..

What a beautiful evening it was, we went for a long drive. This is not the thing I am happy for, but, we went after a long.. really long time that too, without anybody else.. He talked to me freely and shared all his feelings and so do I.

We are married since Dec, 2015, yet we have to find some alone time to be together. We live in a joint family where everyone has some issues with everyone lives in there. Our marriage was a love plus arranged after four years affair and ten years' of friendship. We did graduation together and got in touch by "orkut" after leaving college when I have to leave the city for further studies while he continued his MBA in our hometown only. We always stayed in touch and kept sharing all our feelings about our friends and family, however, we did not have any "love feeling" for each other, or, we didn't realize then. 

As time flew our bond got strengthened we used to talk like hours and then the day came and he proposed me. I said YES!! obviously :) :) <3 <3 .. But then the real problem started we talked to our families about marriage and they refused. I belong to a Sikh family and he is Hindu and here comes the drama,, family pressure.. emotional blackmails (family ki IZZAT, society, log kya kahenge.. blah blah blah..). But anything of this had never shook him, he was firm to marry me and was I, yet, afraid. Being the eldest child in my family I held a typical reputation which my siblings were going to follow hence I had to decide very calmly..

Then only, (on 5th Apr, 2013) I lost my brother (my best friend forever) in a road accident my parents got shattered, they were not able to withstand this moment. I was doing PhD at that time and my mental state was really quaked.. I was disheartened and so my family. I had to hide my tears and took care of my younger sibling parents and grand parents. But it wasn't enough, God has some other plans for us and my youngest brother (12 YO then) was diagnosed for backache and got cancer in ribs.. we were really disheartened.. I had lost my my brother and my love, my youngest brother (he is 14 years younger than me) was suffering the world's most dangerous disease.. At that time my husband (Anuj) came as a shoulder to my parents. 

He supported us like his own family even after being scolded by my parents. My brother got treatment in Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital, Rohini, Delhi for 1.5 years and Anuj was there from the very beginning till the end. I was like mad for him now.. He is a genuine person, holds a gentleman's personality and a pure heart. Eventually my parents also realized his love for me and family, and talked to his parents. Finally, we got married after so many ups and downs, WE GOT MARRIED.

I was really happy as I got love of my life. Everything is fine except that I live in a joint family and so I think there are some restrictions in expressing yourself. You cannot be YOU in front of all, you cannot express your feeling to your husbands and so do they. Anuj being a family person tries to avoid talking me and he never personified the love for me after marriage. I had a thought about being neglected by him so came to depression after all he is the person, I hold, in love, in sorrow, in anger, in grudges, in temptation, in every such feeling that exist..

I think he smelled what is brewing in my mind and took out the scooty (I love riding on bike rather than being carried in cars) and took my to the nature.. Where we talked a lot.. cleared a lot of doubts (everyone has some doubt).. The cool and refreshing breeze is still in my mind.. I 'll always cherish this beautiful moments with so many others in our enchanting story.. You would always be the best person in my life (off course after my father and brothers "winked").. 

Love you forever,


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