Sometimes kids teach us more than we preach them !!!
|   May 09, 2016
Sometimes kids teach us more than we preach them !!!

Myself and Ananya (my 7 years old daughter) had been to the park.. As it is summer vacation there will always be minimum of 10 kids waiting for the only two swings... And for the past few days there was a boy who clearly carried the face of a child with special needs.... He used to occupy one out of the two swings refusing to get down from that..... yesterday ananya kept on insisting only swing without playing anything else and so we went and joined the queue... after the wait just when she climbed up the seat he came running from nowhere trying to push her hard out of the swing yelling with a peculiar sound.... Ananya looked at him for sometime without spelling a word and just got out of the swing... i was surprised to see her running to play in slide without making any fuss... After few seconds few other parents came and forced the boy out of the swing by threatening him saying many other kids are waiting and all that... he was trying hard to stop them... then he went away... i was feeling pity for chasing a special child who does not have all the reasoning to understand what they told him... height of it being one of the parents telling me "he looks like a special child but he knows how to play in swing and all other games ... he has that thinking capability (??!!!)... he simply 'mis'uses his looks and does like this" ....

Out of curiosity to know what Ananya thought i just asked her "Ani should we have chased him and played in swing or whatever we did was right allowing him to play" .... The otherwise strong young lady who sticks on to her needs simply said "whatever we did was correct... because he will not understand even if we tell him" ....

Sometimes kids teach us more than we preach them !!!!!

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