An ideal day with a toddler...begins with Good morning sweetheart...and rest to follow :)
|   Jul 23, 2015
An ideal day with a toddler...begins with Good morning sweetheart...and rest to follow :)

Good morning sweetheart! Its time for school (playgroup), let’s get ready to have some fun. This sounds happy and cheerful but nothing like what is to follow with a 2.5 year old. I get up early so I am all set by 8.00 am for the ride I have to begin as soon as my kiddo wakes up. As smoothly and lovingly I go to wake him up, I brace myself, for sometimes he yells or cries or throws a tantrum for waking him up, or sometimes he instantly goes on some super energy mode and jumps on me. Than I have to instantly create an event (imaginary for me, for him everything is real. Even when a tiger has slept beside him or a sparrow is making breakfast for him.) After this first morning ritual of consoling or saving myself, we usually take a trip with him clinging to me through the house just to check everything is in place. Here in place means if at night he has left some toys on floor or sofa they ought to be there in morning, (no cleaning up business for mommy). Our trip ends at our  window where he can check whether everyone in the building facing us are properly doing their routine, including even if crows are sitting on their usual wires. 

Than began the real drama. 'Brushing'. I have done all trials and errors, all tricks and treats, threatening and bribing, scaring and punishing, shown all actions and results, but all in vain. Sometimes as conciliation he brushes his teeth on his own in less than 5 seconds. I have to admit that sometimes I lose my temper and just hold him and forcefully brush them. But then all the moral police in house come as savior of their little prince. And I seriously don't want to spoil the morning with all the drama, so this option is rarely opted. Here goes half an hour. Sometimes when his dad is going late for work, it’s his department, How I wish it to happen often.

Next big chores are potty and bathing, sometimes the sequence changes and potty comes only when are getting late and are about to leave. Either way it takes lot of convincing, pleading, imagining, apologizing on my part to get through it. Now we are left with 15 minutes to get ready and have breakfast. It too needs all and additional skills to done with. Finally at 9.25 we leave house for 9.30 school. 

9.30-12 is time for no rest where I have to juggle through house chores, cooking, office work everything at same time. Picking him up is always cheerful event. He has many stories to tell and we sit in school premises to eat tiffin. It often leaves me thinking why I prepare his tiffin so early in morning if he has to eat it after school. But nevertheless it feels good when he eats it. Then off we go to daycare where he spends few hours in afternoon so I can manage to do some work. On the way to daycare we stop to check any construction site or road maintenance is properly done. Check on snails and earthworms or play with elder kids going to school or have a chat with shop vendor. Finally we reach daycare, sometimes merrily and excitedly or sometimes pleading or crying (I hate those days)

Early evening off I go to pick my lil munchkin full of emotions. He takes ages to say bye to them as if he is leaving them forever or is bit upset on me if I reach 15 minutes late to pick him and other kid leaves before him. In the premises of daycare he has 2 cats as friends and we have to search them and play with. Then we check whether a building construction beside the compound is been done properly. Then on the ride to grandparents house I listen who did what in daycare, an achievement that he did susu in bathroom, or other 2 kids had fight over a pencil and so on, and on the way stop by to pick flowers, take a diversion to explore new roads or go to garden. After getting pampered and spoiled for an hour or so by nana nani we head back home. Again taking diversions, stopping at some interesting places like stalls making Ganpati idols etc where everyone knows him from sculptors, laundry wala to sweepers, I wonder if not for him, I wouldn’t have had chats with them.

Finally we reach home where he is all pepped up. He will take all toys, colours and sit with grandma to play or help (?) mom with cooking. With flour all over the floor he will make roti for himself, try to cut vegetables with butter knife or wash daal messing everything around. Though when I am tired I hate this but mostly it feels pride to see how well he does it for his age and how good observant he is when he instantly finds the things I have misplaced or his eagerness to help me.

Dinner times are as complicated as are for most moms. I have to create stories, encourage, motivate to be like older kids who can ride cycles, or be like dad who can lift heavy things etc, is an integral part of dinner time. After dinner it is all daddy and son time. Playing, storytelling and I don’t know what. I just here laughing, running, shouting sounds from bedroom and I totally don’t bother myself with that. But he won’t sleep without his mommy so I have to interfere in their fun.

If I ask him to put the habit to sleep with his dad or sleep alone, he gives me most innocent smile and kiss me saying but I love you a lot, and that’s it, I have to melt. As I put him to sleep with his arm around me, I feel so blessed and experience most innocent form of love, I wonder with each new day how many new things I learn from him and how easy life really is, how to stop and admire the smallest things and how to find joy in every tiny moment. But most times I am too tired and just fall asleep.


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