Can Stem Cells Therapy Treat Cerebral Palsy?
|   Feb 20, 2017
Can Stem Cells Therapy Treat Cerebral Palsy?

Cerebral Palsy is an abnormal development or damage to brain. There is no known cause on why does this condition happen. But it is usually believed that it could develop due to exposure to infections like rubella during pregnancy or due to lack of oxygen while giving birth, head injury during early years. The symptoms include difficulty to sit or walk, poor hearing or eyesight, Stiff muscles or total lack of muscle coordination, learning disability poor co-ordination,weak muscles and tremors, physical deformity, drooling etc. Cerebral Palsy could be of various kinds like spastic, Dyskinetic or Ataxic.

In conventional medicine there has been no cure for Cerebral Palsy. But now with sheer perseverance and dedication of researchers, they have given us the boon for mankind – ‘Stem Cells’ These Autologous Stem Cells are part of your own body. Stem cells have the ability to develop into specific types of brain cells, replacing those which are damaged. Hence stem cells placed into a person’s body can stimulate a response that mends damaged cells. During Stem Cells Treatment it is important to target the cells directly  into the damaged area in order to achieve best results. The protocol of using the stem cells that will help in achieving the desired result is also crucial. 

Advancells has been successfully treating children through Adult  Stem Cell Therapy. In this process stem cells are isolated from bone marrow or adipose tissue. The extracted sample is processed in the ultra modern laboratory. Once the stem cells are enriched they are then injected into targeted site through lumbar puncture for best results. Approximately 200 – 300 million cells are placed through the route of administration. Since Stem Cells come from the patient’s own body they present no side effects. The procedure is painless, simple and quick. Once injected into the body Stem cells start the repair mechanism naturally which is why they are good for treating damaged areas, in this case, mainly brain tissue.


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