The chosen ones
|   Aug 10, 2016
The chosen ones

You would have been the first ever to set foot on a land hitherto unknown

You would have been one of the 100 most influential personalities of the world - year 2050

You would have been a prodigy

You would have been someone's darling daughter 

You would have been the only child to someone

You would have been the noblest human ever

But, fate had been cruel.. 

Brutally cruel 

To each and every one of you, Oh little angels

To take you away even before you could see the world outside womb

Your  mothers still shed tears when thoughts lead them to you

And they feel miserable as ever

They had cried in shocking disbelief -

"How could this be! Isn't womb supposed to be the safest place for a baby? Was it my mistake? Why did  this happen to my baby!"

They were made to pacify by the most gentle words -

"There's always a next chance. You won't be devoid of motherhood. This is not the end"

no words could console them 

For they knew

next, other and another chance of motherhood may come

But , You, are lost and gone forever

And that loss is irreplaceable

To the medical science, you  were mere embryos or foetuses

To your mummies and daddies, you were a symbol of their love, someone for them to love

Oh little departed ones, 

Your absence from this world seems to me

Like a never to be filled vacuum

Your life spanned only for a couple of weeks

 But you have left back immortal memories

Life won't disappoint your parents each time 

Sooner or later, they will be blessed with your sisters and brothers  

But that will not fill the void created by the loss of your life.

Oh tiny ones,

God chose death over life for you

To cease your suffering

And transform you into chirpy cherubs of Heaven

Let me  confess, Oh chosen ones,

You were special and you were loved 

And in our hearts you will hold a special niche

Till eternity

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