Committing suicide – Act of a coward….
|   May 16, 2017
Committing suicide – Act of a coward….

When a person does not  have the courage to take up a challenge he decides to get rid of the problem and the solution he finds is simply committing suicide..

On this earth, there is solution to each and every problem… some problems may be solved easily and a few are really tough… it needs lot of sheer hard work… need to use all formulae , step by step derivatives… there may be even unsolved problems but still it could be resolved with the help of others..

I have heard people say that a person is too courageous to commit suicide… not at all… it is  only a drama.. in reality he is a coward ….

When a few people who attempted suicide were interrogated the reasons narrated by them were really funny..

“I have not done my exams properly so I tried to commit suicide..” this was the answer to the question from a boy who tried but failed in suicide attempt.. why? Try again.. study well else if not interested in studies go in for other hidden talents within you to earn a living… that is the real solution..

“ Misunderstanding between mother – in – law and daughter – in – law… “ If you sit together and speak out lot of issues will be resolved in no time..

“I did not get a job.. so I decided to end my life..” you work hard and try to become eligible for the job.. or do the job you get.. if you end your life what is the gain you get. What about your family? Who is going to take care of them?

Another business man said “ I attempted suicide because I could not bear the loss in my business and the debt is killing me every day..” . If you commit suicide will the lenders leave your family ? If you can’t solve the issue how will your wife, parents and children will?

Love failure.. stupid reason …

I recollect here the life of my friend’s classmate who was in her final year of degree… she fell in love with a boy from school days.. that boy stopped his studies and was without any job.. the girl’s mother and brother had warned her and also advised her a lot stating that “it is  not the age for it and the boy has to study and get a job to lead a life… please avoid him and concentrate on your studies and after few years after he settles down we shall talk to his parents and do the needful “  The girl’s brother was engaged and the next week was their marriage too …

Me, and my friend too had advised her a lot and had asked her to be courageous and not to get into unwanted things…she nodded her head ..but, she decided that the boy was her life and without him her life was nothing. 

In a day or two we got a message that she had committed suicide and infact,  her brother’s marriage was also stopped.. I never felt sorry for her in fact….. why should I?

Did the suicide gave any solution to her life? Nor did it save her family ? in reality the boy was arrested…what was the gain? Both the life of the girl and of the boy spoiled and the future of her brother in question because of her shameful act.

She must have concentrated on her studies and also asked the boy to get a job and waited for 2 or 3 years for the life to be settled… now everything had come to an end.. what is the real benefit? Nothing..

When a person who is severely affected by polio and almost below his hip nothing is functional can lead his life with courage and go through  the struggles of life why not the other person with little problems in life?

How many blind people lead their life in darkness.. and deaf and dumb? Why not these people ?  People with multiple disabilities shrine and do wonders…..!

Try to find solution to problems and not run away from it.. no one can ever run away..

Face the life with courage and one day or the other the result will be fruitful.

Committing suicide is not a courageous act it is a coward and shameful act…

There is a solution to every problem on earth…but committing suicide is not a solution at all…

In INDIA, we need to pen down strict rules by punishing the suicide attempts and also if the victim is dead then the family… Only then any person who decides to commit suicide will stop the act once he realizes that his family will be punished by his death..

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