Today’s children is missing…what?
|   May 09, 2017
Today’s children is missing…what?

Playing…. Playing… playing……

Do we see today - children play physically..? Not at all…

In older days,  when we were children, we used to play a plenty of games both INDOOR and OUTDOOR…

To name a few OUTDOOR GAMES…..

Run & catch, Hide & Seek, All Eyes boys, Four corners, Seven stones, Cricket, Gilli, Kabadi, Paandi, Passing the ball, River & bank, Skipping  …… so on…

and a few INDOOR GAMES…Carrom , Trade, Snake & Ladder,  Dhayam,  King – Queen – Police – Thief,  Puzzles,  Passing the secret,  Playing cards, Memory game  ----- so on…..

Now, today do we see any of the above games being played in real by kids? Why? It has almost vanished from our  eyes….. I really wonder why this drastic change in the attitude of  parents  and elders?  Why are we not insisting  these kind of games to children which used to be a great PHYSICAL EXERCISE.. those games gave us a sense of unity, togetherness and also a spirit of joy and happiness….

I find the above INDOOR games being kept in RESORTS… even there, children just see what it is and move away from them….

We see today’s kids with I-pad and TAB not taking their eyes from them… I do not really know what they are doing but parents say that their children are very smart and intelligent in playing games and doing riddles …..on TAB…

I remember during my childhood we used to play, play from the morning till noon and only after great pressure by elders at home to get inside the house to have some food…. We never stop playing..

Such games gave us full stamina to withstand the pain, gain energy and confidence….. In fact, I remember me and my cousin used to play run and catch wherein we used to go around the houses and she in fact got a big glass into her feet and blood bleeding but we never stopped the game… I even shouted and asked her to stop seeing the blood coming from her feet…. Nothing stopped us from playing… after the game was over went inside the house, little scolding.. and dressing … that’s it…. Again after two days the same game the same place knowing that glasses were around….

The joy, happiness and the strength what we had are not shared with today’s children…. I feel very sorry for that…. Why do parents deny to take the initiative to bring back these games for their children?  Once they come from school, I almost watch either they are on TV or with I – pad or TAB?   a few children with tension going around to this class and other classes as well….. Children really need some time for relaxation PHYSICALLY & MENTALLY…..

ACADEMIC CAREER is most important  but extra  curricular and sports are equally important.. and the last but not the least  important is the PHYSICAL EXERCISE…

We see HIGH RISE BUILDINGS cropping up in outskirts and in HEART of the city  and elsewhere, advertising with all amenities and special PLAY AREA for kids…. What for?  Do really children spend time over there? 

We don’t find parks with children playing around….even there they sit on a bench with either a smart phone  or TAB…!!! worrying….

Let the children be EQUIPPED with high technology and hi – fi   but still they need the joy what we had….. one day  they will be frustrated and will almost be like a machine… threatening… let us save them…

I kindly request parents to take little initiative in encouraging your children with at least few PHYSICAL real games every day for at least  an hour  …. Which would for sure bring them peace of mind, relaxation, unity and further more confidence.. which I REALLY FEEL missing in today’s kids….

May I humbly request the EDUCATIONALIST and the EDUCATION ministry to take real initiative in helping the children of today and our FUTURE INDIA to reduce their stress and anxiety . Few suggestions.

  1. There must be compulsory classes for PHYSICAL EXERCISE in SCHOOLS & COLLEGES in INDIA.
  2. Conducting regular sports competitions to encourage children participation.
  3. Reduce the stress of EXAM FEAR so that children will come out to play
  4. Strict rules for maintenance of the existing PARKS & PLAY GROUNDS.
  5. Creating awareness program for the need in PHYSICAL EXERCISE for children

In true interest on kids….

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