Oh so boring.... but I love it!!
|   Apr 04, 2016
Oh so boring.... but I love it!!

Kingdom of boredom

 It was a dull afternoon I was waiting in a bus stop and not a single bus came through .So boring uh.. I just casually raised my head, gazed at the sky and was awestruck. Ah! Behold! The sight was breath taking; tree top with pink flowers and a small ray of sun peeping through that green leaves basking them in golden tinge. Now where is the boredom? It was so beautiful and I forgot about Bus while relishing it.
Is doing nothing leads to boredom or bore feel leads to idleness? But People feel bored when they are stuck in a work they have no escape from. But in reality uninteresting thing depends on people’s threshold of attention span. Few enjoy classical music or dance and Choirs as well but many are bored, especially Children. Because priority of a child is to play and it cannot be held upon in a place passively. But adult’s attention span is also very less nowadays because they think of superlatives always.

During a Music concert Instrumental piece seemed elaborate and boring! But when I thought of it, can we relish if each moment is finest? Actually your mind will sag with overwhelm feel.

Life is right proportion of all elements not just of best moments is it not?

Honestly I have never felt bored when am alone in fact I enjoy that time. It could be late night and not getting to sleep again my creativity will be at its best. Just like bathroom singers I write poems or stories for my satisfaction and never checked whether it is worth publishing. As Vivekananda said ‘if you are not conversing to yourself then you are missing company of a great person’, it is rather detrimental to one’s self development I think. Being in the moment without thinking about yesterday’s spat or next day’s meeting is very essential for a person not getting hurried and feel bored is it not? Even if we are not having what we feel we want at that time still we can do so many things with which we really have at that moment. Then creativity comes in and improvising one’s own creations will lead to perfection. So, instead of worrying over absence of microwave we can cook in less time and with a bit of care more delicious food ; Pizza on a Tawa, right?
 Is your little one says bore or feels bored always? Then we alone are to be blamed since boredom is non-existent, it is only lack of creativity. Gadgets TV, Mobile phones or Computers are first to be blamed or are they? Who is sending their children to watch TV or play on gadgets? Who is taking complete responsibility not even losing a moment, to keep children engaged for parent’s peace of mind or for convenience? Have we allowed them to create stories and role play without any costly toys at disposal as we did in our Childhood? Introducing children to traditional games and encouraging them to mingle with children without bringing in our status or Ego; just letting them to be kids is very essential, is it not? Actually that word, “Bored” must be deleted from each one’s repertoire for good, I think.
But doing nothing at times is very refreshing as we are not bonded labourers; being kind at times to ourselves (not meant for teens) and let go things will be fun rather than running to an overcrowded Mall in search of entertainment or adding junk food into one’s tummy without hunger . Taking time out to be with family is the new mantra but what is the point if everyone is holding a gadget and playing. Anything can be just that without fanfare or speciality attached to it.

Now we tend to dissect everything with much importance to one’s feelings uhh ohh’s but think how your granny will snap and ask you to stop feeding Ego. Life should be kept simple and not feeding our kids egos is first step towards creativity is it not? It also helps to bring out best in them.

My kids still do birthday cards and gifts with the material available with them and get money only when going out on an excursion or last day of school .No regular pocket money and they save money given by their Grandparents in kid’s bank that’s it. Does it mean we are they are unhappy? In reality they cherish moments when they eat out with their friends or feel happy when they receive twenty rupees instead of petitioned ten rupees.

Boredom is one’s own reflection of inflated ego I feel so checking our self-appreciatory  stance and living in the moment is all that matters I think, just like in a mela one was overjoyed when it rained and another one started complaining of mud, wetness,  chaos  and missed the feel.

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