Childhood memories..Nostalgic
|   Dec 29, 2016
Childhood memories..Nostalgic

How I wish, I could spin the wheel of time back to enjoy and relive many lovely moments of my childhood.

Today we are so engrossed in technology so much, not a day passes by without whatsapp or facebook for most of us. The very idea of penning down these memories came to me by looking at my childhood friends whatsapp groups. But the fact remains that these technological bonds don’t become a part of our long lasting memories. They are only meant for the present, they get diluted in tomorrow’s hustle and we will hardly have things to cherish. A great example is Orkut, which was once a similar platform for all of us to get connected but most of us don’t remember or talk about it anymore. Undoubtedly technology is helping us find our long lost friends, but I feel the best part was when we had no such things and were in direct contact via a letter, email or a phone call.

I am happy to be part of the era where childhood meant playing in the sand, enjoying the rain, eating the soan papidi etc

Evenings filled with games like colour colour, current shock, ludo, caroms, pick up the sticks, Chinese checkers, brain vita, business, scrabble etc. I could name so many we enjoyed playing till late night. Playing the games including running around till late evening, a little mischief over the terrace and playing hurdles with the flower pots on the terrace were all part of our fond memories now. Without cellphones and laptops our world was so joyful.

The ringing bell of soan papidi guy made us rush to him with a 25 paise and 50 paise to get some papidi wrapped in a paper. It was a true pleasure having it that way which I cannot compare today to having a pizza or a burger.

Writing a letter to a friend and eagerly waiting for a reply. Those were the days of pen friends too.

Taking a photograph with besties. Getting dressed up and head to a studio on a weekend to have a photograph clicked with your besties.

Enjoying the exhibitions with parents. We have the exhibitions now as well, but somehow I see the excitement we had in those days missing now. May be due to people getting busy with cell phones there too.

The school days…My school where I wished everyone from the watchman to the principal a Good Morning and Good Bye.

The SUPW period where I took my first steps to classical dance and developed a strong bond with it.

Being the teacher’s pet most of the times and enjoying all the pampering at school was the best part of my schooling. Some of my teachers with whom I had shared a lovely bond are always on top of my mind and I wish I will be able to meet them again someday. Ofcourse I could get in touch with few of them but my search is still on for few of my favorites.

The yearly events of school days and sports days we longed for to pester our parents to be part of an event. Lethargy was miles away during those events.

The WWF games played by boys and the name place animal thing mostly by girls during the leisure hours(of course in between the classes too sometimes), what fun!!

The once in a year school picnic, which was the most awaited. When we all prayed for the best weather for that day, the food we planned to bring to share and enjoy and the games we planned to play. Remember the tennikoit and the disk throw games we enjoyed during picnics?

The slam books we had pride in carrying, getting autographs from friends and teachers, reading those messages and feeling elated was a part of those days. I still have mine preserved J:)

The greeting cards. the handmade cards specially made and given to teachers for New Year and teachers day.

Wow..what splendid memories…Share yours in comments. Looking forward to read about your memories too.

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