Balancing Between My Child and Myself
|   Aug 02, 2017
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Balancing Between My Child and Myself

I would start with putting it this way - 'Breastfeeding is not a choice, it's a responsibility'. It's a very important and crucial phase of a mother and child's life. I was told lot of benefits about exclusive breastfeeding for my daughter soon after I gave birth, by doctors, friends and family. Also, as a mother, I was becoming more conscience of everything that's best for my child; in fact, I believe all of us as mothers always want to do and give best to our children. 

I am a stay at home mother and so I am blessed to give all my time and attention to my daughter. She was exclusively breastfed for the first six months and also I chose to continue beyond until she demands for all good reasons. It's the most special bond that a mother and baby can share. But as time passed, especially when we went out to parties, shopping, restaurant and many other places outside home like visiting a family and friend, mostly while traveling, it became tough on me to feed her because she would demand at odd times when I had to rush and look for a comfortable place for her and myself to feed. It irked me more while we went out shopping, as I would spend half of my time in the baby room feeding her.

Then, there came a moment when I surfed through about breast pumps online. Yes, you read it right because breast pumps aren't only for working mothers. Even stay at home moms can use it as it has a great deal of benefits. My favorite brand for my daughter undoubtedly has been Chicco since day one. So it became much easy to choose the right pump for myself. It eased job to a great extent. Most of the times, I travel alone with my daughter so I don't have to bother about feeding her in public because I used to preserve my milk in bottles and simply pick them before leaving. Pumps are a blessing. The best part about Chicco/ the brand pump I chose is that it's simple to use, delicate for your skin, fits well. This useful equipment served me to allow to continue to give my baby my precious milk without having to take much trouble. It also allows to avoid losing the stimulation of breasts if, at feeding time, I cannot be with my baby. Sometimes I decide to go out with friends or shopping alone while my husband baby sits so this is another benefit I had using pumps. All I needed to do was to apply the cup to my breast so that it adheres well, making sure that the nipple was at its center, then gently press the lever, beginning with more rapid movements to create a vacuum, just as my baby does. All that remains is to decide whether to give my milk immediately to my baby or to store it in fridge for up to 48 hours or freeze it for no more than 3 months. I was starting to enjoy breastfeeding her beyond and she's 16 months now, and I'm glad how she still continues to get the benefit of my milk. One of the major benefits of the breast pumps I feel is that mothers can measure the amount of milk intake by the baby.

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