Raise Your Children As Human Beings.
|   Feb 25, 2017
Raise Your Children As Human Beings.

We are all 'Humans' until gender discriminated us. Give a thought and you will understand it crystal clear. How is a boy different from a girl? Is there a comparison or should there be a comparison in the first place? Well, the answers can be varied depending about what each one of us thinks about it.

We live in a society where 'gender' is most emphasised on. We hear about it so much so that now it's ingrained into us and not just us, but carried ahead in our children too. I ask myself and you, who's reading my article, 'why can't we raise our children as just human beings?'. Come to think of it and it's a very serious concern. Right from the very moment a baby is born, we start differentiating. The moment the child starts to understand and grow, we teach them gender, we raise them saying, 'oh! You are a girl, behave like one. Don't walk like a boy, don't sit like a boy.' And to the boys, we say, 'dont cry like a girl, don't behave like a girl. You are a boy, you got to be strong.' Without even realising what we are doing. We are sowing seeds that will grow into a huge discriminated and differentiated generation tomorrow, which is based on gender.

We have talked about the problems of girl child discrimination, we have harped about 'Save the girl child', we know what it is all about but we need to solve and get to the core of it. We need to eradicate it's roots. We cannot think of stopping or changing this in a day or even years for that matter if we cannot stop raising a boy and girl differently. 

We talk about how girls are important and need to be saved, but so are the boys. We need a balance between the two for the universe to function well. We cannot change the world and we must not even try to. It will change on its own. All we need to change is ourselves and our thoughts. It's all how we see it. There's so much we hear about how girls are being killed right in the womb and it's heartbreaking, depressing and highly frustrating. By giving birth to a girl, we give birth to an entire 'womb of universe'. She is going to be the creator of the universe. We have to strike a balance between the nurturer and the creator to be able to exist in harmony. The law of nature is that one must have no right and should not know if it's a boy or girl inside the womb. It shouldn't matter. What must matter is how well are we going raise whoever it is going to be.

Women all around are rising, reaching heights and it's possible only because they have been raised by parents who do not teach them the difference between a boy and a girl. Why must we teach at all how different they are from each other because that's when the problem starts. Why cannot a boy cry or vent out his emotions? Why is it only a girl thing? Because if it was only a girl thing to cry, then women wouldn't deliver. Why must we teach our girls to always mark their line/length to wear a certain dress, why should they be judged by the number of male friends they have or the time they get back home? The simple reason would be to stop setting different rules for the boys and the girls.

We can only do this if we understand this simple fact of life. Let's promise ourselves today that our children are wonderful lives gifted to us by God and let not society or anybody break them, discriminate or differentiate on the basis of gender. They are one and only when this happens, will we stop talking about saving the girl child and all crimes against girls. Let's pledge to support this thought, let's teach our kids the same so there will be more light, happiness and peace tomorrow. Let us raise humans and not a boy or a girl.

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