Rejuvenate Your Beauty With Nature's Goodness - Go Natural, Go Beautiful.
|   Feb 21, 2017
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Rejuvenate Your Beauty With Nature's Goodness - Go Natural, Go Beautiful.

I'm just another woman like you who loves to look and feel beautiful. In an age where appearance is everything, who wants to neglect taking care of their beauty? Blame it on the harsh sun, dirt, and pollution, our skin loses its charm and glow. But hey, don’t lose heart for here’s a natural solution in the form of almond oil, what I call a miracle oil. Almond oil is known to have a number of skin benefits like reducing dark circles, skin ageing, skin impurities and dead skin cells, reduces tan, substitutes for hand and foot cream, reduces wrinkles and fine lines, is also a good makeup remover. For all of them who dislike oiling their hair because of the greasy and sticky nature of the oils, here's a good news. Almond oil has all the qualities that make it a perfect hair oil, with the added benefit of being super light and aromatic. It also adds an intense luster to your hair, making it look healthy. Also helps get rid of split ends, can substitute shine enhancers and leave-in conditioners, treats dandruff and reduces scalp inflammation.

I remember how my grandma always told me about importance of using natural products and their benefits, especially when it comes to beauty care. When I was a child, I saw her having a glass of milk with a few soaked almonds every morning because it's a powerhouse of nutrients. She used them in all her homemade face packs too like mixing it in Fuller's earth which makes up for a perfect face pack for glowing skin. She also used to massage her hair regularly with this oil, giving her strong, lustrous hair. No wonder she still looks beautiful. Ever since then, I have trusted in her words.

But in today's fast paced life, juggling between work life and managing home & kids, you and me find it difficult to manage time for self. That little time to sit back and pamper oneself or to look after our own beauty seems next to impossible. But the one thing I have maintained my trust in and which has never let me down is Hamdard Rogan Badam Shirin. It is a perfect blend of all the natural nutrients of pure almonds and sums up for all the goodness of nature, especially in today's times when there's lack in purity and trust. I have been using it since, twice daily for my skin. Moreover, this sweet smelling natural oil is just the right relaxation for me every time I massage my hair. It relieves me of my stress. 

I found one of the new and best uses of this one when I was expecting. I was in my first trimester when a friend of mine who also seemed to be using this same oil, suggested that its a great escape from having stretch marks too. Yes ladies, you read it right. I said 'strech marks', the most dreaded feeling of a pregnant woman is this. Trust me, I followed her advice like Bible. Apply it all over your tummy, rub well every night and you will not find a single stretch mark. I have tried it and it worked wonders for me. I have a 11 months old baby and I'm so glad I can confidently wear my swimming costume flaunting my body without a mark. Not just this, I trust it's benefits so much that I also use this oil to massage my baby. She enjoys being massaged so much so that I find her licking away the oil because of its sweet taste as I massage her. But I don't have to be bothered about it as this one is completely edible while others are not. I'm a complete believer of this one as compared to other brands in the market because of its natural essential qualities, purity and goodness, all of this within my budget. I rely on it just like a best friend and have made it a part of my daily routine to trust in it for it's ample benefits. Now each time someone asks me for ways to a healthy beauty, I say #RoganBadamHaiNa. It has come a long way with me and now, I can't just think of any other brand other than this because it is 100% pure and natural.

Achieving healthy hair and glowing skin is not an expensive or time-consuming task anymore. So ladies, when are you getting yourself this goodness of nature?

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