The Mom Excuse That Needs To Stop! 
|   Aug 14, 2017
The Mom Excuse That Needs To Stop! 

I have been into this beautiful, one of a kind 'motherhood' journey not more than 18 months and it still feels like fresh. And I'm sure it still is as compared to so many other mothers out there. Everyday is a new experience. With the little toddler running all around the house, expecting to be entertained 24/7, expected to be fed, looked after, answering those inquisitive mind, it sure is energy draining experience. I remember how I used to give excuses about so many things that I did not get to do for myself until lately when I took a pause to realize what I was doing wasn't right. Here, I purely mean the excuses that I gave for not giving myself the time I deserved.

It happens with most of us as mothers. We have so much of responsibility, at home, outside home, towards children, sometimes a parents and in laws and also friends. Yes, friends expect your time too. Preparing children for school, helping them with homework and so much more. So in the midst of all these, where is the 'ME'? I know we all have missed our sleep, changed our routine, or lifestyles, lived those zombie like days, not getting enough time to even take a shower or comb our hair. But all said and done, I don't feel it's fair to blame it on the child. I have been doing it too but have promised myself to stop it only because I have realized my child deserves me and my time. I'm not doing anything out of the way for her. She's an important part of my life and I need to learn to balance it well too. Yes, she's a new entrant into my family so its upon me to find my way and learn to pull all the duties well. It's easy said than done. But give a thought and you will realize that it makes complete sense.

I get tired too, I don't get time to visit the parlor in ages, don't get to see the doctor. I also look at my friends many times and then ask myself for 'what has happened to me?' why am I any different now? Sometimes I  even compare myself to other mothers thinking that they manage their time better than me or she gets more time for herself even with the baby, may be because she has a full time maid and I don't. Well, it sure isn't right to compare onself and the sooner one realizes, the better.

We must stop giving excuses for not looking after ourselves. We take care of the entire house and work like a super woman. And so, we deserve to be taking care of ourselves more so because everything and everyone depends on us. We sure get tired but at the end of the day, let's remember, we aren't only moms, we are individuals first, we have our own selves to look after and pamper. Its funny, but I have also give excuses of reaching late at a party, blaming it that my kiddo pooped at the last moment. And once we start doing this, it becomes a habit. We don't mean it sometimes, but we start making it an excuse for life.

And then I promised myself that I need to learn and give my child the best of myself. I have to be prepared for everything and I can do this only when I stop giving mommy excuses. I have to remember that my health, my soul, my mind and my body is owned by me and only I can look after it. My Child deserves the best of her mom that she has and so I have stopped giving 'mom excuses' for a better me :) Take time out, go for walks, exercise, sing a song, dance, listen to your favorite track, go on a holiday, take time out with your friends, do your thing, do what you love, but remember to do it without any excuse. Nobody is going to replace you or help you other than yourself - so find yourself. It's not easy but only you can do it because you're a mother- A strong woman.

 So ladies, look after yourselves, pamper yourselves, live and love yourselves for this time and moments aren't going to come back. Celebrate yourself in every role and most importantly, be yourself! Cheers.... 

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