CHATTING in our days ;)
|   Mar 07, 2017
CHATTING in our days ;)

Today an article that caught my attention was about which is the most popular messaging app? It had beautiful statistics about apps like Whatsapp, Viber, Wechat, Line, Facebook messenger and many others based on the country and operating system etc.

I was reading the percentages and figures, when I realized that I was smiling :)

Yeah! My eyes were stuck on the tablet I was holding, but my mind had wandered elsewhere. 

Nostalgia...The mere word "messaging" had evoked those blissful memories of our times.

No we never had apps in "our times".

("Our times" here refer to the kids who started college probably somewhere around 1999,2000,2001 a few years here or there maybe :))

Whatsapp, Viber, Yelp...nothing. (The term "smartphone" maybe wasn't even coined then.)

Facebook messenger? No.

Dig a little deeper...Orkut...Chh...No!

Keep digging...


No, we had to shell out 50 paise to even Re 1 for every SMS. Out of budget!

A little more digging...


There it is! I feel like holding it tight and giving it a warm hug!

That uppercase Y with an exclamation mark and that cute smiley :)

"Yahoo messenger"

And remember this screen -

And how the smiley used to light up and hop dance when we signed in!

That Rs 40 per hour cyber cafe charges, those dial in connections, that krrrr...krrrrr...sound, that plugging out the landline connection, that slow internet speed, and that endless wait for the full page download...

It was all wonderful, wasn't it?

Yahoo messenger in our times, has been a witness to so many love stories and so many heart breaks and so many lies and so many friendships and so many break ups!

I am smiling ear to ear as I am typing. See this is the magic memories create :) :)

I am not very sure, but I guess after the term "pen pals", ours was the generation glued to yahoo messenger, who gave birth to the new term 'net pals" :))

Hi! asl please?

Anyone remembers? ;)

Well, FYI younger generation, "asl" meant age, sex, location :)

Yes, yes, we never had Google maps for location then, we never had the option to check in at the click of a button...No no wait, it's not even the "click of the button" now...It's the tap on the screen :)

How times have changed. And this makes me remember one of the beautiful line I once read - 

"Day by day nothing seems to change, and when we look back everything is different" :) :)

Those hot tea time discussions outside the hostel canteen about the new guy you met on messenger, and how he is been pestering you to use the web cam :)

Talking of web cams, only the high end monitors had built in ones.

We had to attach web cams separately to our computers and then adjust the lens carefully. I remember how once I was typing with my right hand while holding the webcam in my left, so that my sister who was married in a different city could see me properly. 

It seemed irritable then, but today it's one of the beautiful memories I cherish :)

Talking of memories, remember that "dingg" sound every time a new message popped up on messenger.

And sometimes when we logged in after a few days, there were so many offline messages being send in our absence.

Yes! "offline messages" we used to call them!

And when so many friends tried to message you all at once, the moment you logged in...there was a separate "ding" for each new chat window. And sometimes the screen would go like - ding...ding...ding...ding...ding... :))

A plethora of windows....sometimes literally so many different chat windows used to open in on go, that there was overlapping of chat windows, and we used to swim through them to type in the right message to the right person!

Ah.. tough times indeed! ;)

Totally absorbed in nostalgia, I once again felt like a young girl in my late teens, when suddenly there was a Ding!

For a moment my heart skipped a beat!

No this time it was not Yahoo messenger...


5 messages from 3 chats

I smiled :)

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