My messy wardrobe
|   Jul 01, 2016
My messy wardrobe

*Day 1*
I'm not getting anything I want in my wardrobe. I have a salwar. But it's kameez is not found. I have a saree. Unable to spot it's blouse. Uff.. Pulled out everything down and finally was successful to find a pair. Organized everything neatly and thought in mind that I should organize it quite often at least once a week.

*Day 2*
So happy looking at my wardrobe. Said to myself.. Yes it should be like this always..

*Day 4*
Things got here and there a bit. But able to find whatever required.

*Day 7*
It's a week since I organized my wardrobe. Little messy. But felt like I have organized it just couple of days back. Will do it after some days.

*Day 10*
Not finding few matches. But there are still few complete set of dresses. Can manage for few more days with them.

*Day 15*
Pissed off looking at my wardrobe. Unable to find many matches. Thought came in "Yes, I should buy a new wardrobe. All this is happening because there isn't enough space in my wardrobe".

*Day 20*
Have an important event. And I'm not finding the other half of the dress I have planned to wear. Pulled out everything. Organized everything and again said to myself that I should organize at least once a week.

This repeats always. Sometimes goes on for more than 3 weeks. Whether it's my wardrobe or my kid's or my hubby's wardrobe. It gets organized only when I'm unable to find something very important and urgent .

Recalling few forwarded messages..
"Every woman whenever she opens her wardrobe feels that there is nothing to wear and there is not enough space to keep whatever she is having"


"I have been shopping all my life and still have nothing to wear
- Every woman ever"..

So true..

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