What new moms should know!
|   Mar 08, 2017
What new moms should know!

When you hold your new born for the first time, you are filled with joy, mixed emotions, having no idea how life changes overnight.

Sleepless days and nights of breast feeding, diaper changing, calming a colicky baby or rocking a baby to sleep. It may either be a smooth process or a difficult one initially. For instance, for a first time mother and the baby, breast feeding is new and takes time to learn. In the process, the baby cries profusely for not being able to suckle and the mommy dreads the idea of not being able to feed her new born. Some moms, even experience problems due to sore, cracked or inverted nipples, leading to depression. But a baby that can drink can also suckle. With the help of your gynecologist and ladies of the family, you learn and adjust to the routine in a few days.

As the baby turns 6 months old, planning and cooking different meals can also be challenging, especially if the mother has no help with her child. Some babies may like to taste different foods and some may spit it out, preferring mother's milk. The mother constantly tries cooking new meals, hoping her child may like something, but sometimes it's all in vain.

Then comes the potty training and the weaning phase. Some kids learn to communicate early and some may just not be ready for potty training. Mothers try different ways to wean their kids, by not sleeping in the same room, applying something bitter to the nipple or just give a glass of water when the child wakes up at night.

In the process, the relationship between the new parents may take a back seat. Gone are the days, when the couple could make instant vacation or movie plans or just go out for a drive or dinner. There may not be time or energy to even sit and talk.

Motherhood is a full time job, especially in the initial years. No one tells you how difficult it can get. But at the end of the day, every effort put in, is for your baby which makes it worth everything.

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