Kit kit kitannu go away !!!
|   Feb 15, 2017
Kit kit kitannu go away !!!

'Mamma ..I can't eat',cried Ria to her mamma .

"Kya hua beta ', Jyoti asked as she was busy rolling chapatties for other family members .

'Mmmmm...mamma my tooth filling came out ', said Ria ,a five year old .

Jyoti washed her hands quickly ,and looked inside Ria's tiny mouth .The filling had vanished and their was a big hole where food particles were getting deposited and this was the reason behind the tooth ache .

'Baby ,tomorrow we will go to the Doctor uncle and he will do the magic again and your tooth will be perfectly fine ....mmm till then no chocolates ,'Jyoti said and took Ria to the wash room for brushing her teeth .

Next day ,they both went to the Doctor uncle.Ria loved her dentist and called him ,'Dadu ,'as he had been the dentist of her father during his child hood years .

When Dadu saw Ria he winked at her ,'Oh kit kit kitannu..phir se meri beti ko pareshaan kar rahe hein ,' said Dr uncle holding the instruments in his hand .

Ria with glittering eyes nodded her head in affirmation .

In five minutes like a magician Dadu the dentist had weaved his magic and Ria was again her bubbly self .

'Ria,loves to eat chocolate uncle ," Jyoti said looking down at her feet ,her eyes reflected her guilt .She considered herself responsible for the tooth problem of Ria at such a young age .

Uncle laughed out loudly,'ha ha ha .. aree ghabra kyon rahi ho..wo chocolate nahi kahegi to kya hum aur tum kahenge....' uncle said writing something on the prescription .

He handed the prescription to Jyoti who was amazed to notice that uncle had advised to brush the teeth with the Colgate twice a day, once in morning and night .

'Uncle ,is this enough ,please warn Ria to leave chocolate ,' complained Jyoti staring at Ria who was giggling holding her Dadu' hand .

Dadu said ,'kit kit kitannu go away , brushing teeth with Colgate twice s day keeps kitannu away ,' and all the three burst out in laughter .

( The Doctor Dadu is a very well known Dentist of Delhi ; Dr Bali and he always recommends The Colgate toothpaste for brushing)

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