Superfoods for super mommy 🌸🌸
|   Jul 31, 2017
Superfoods for super mommy 🌸🌸

All work and less nourished food makes mummy a dull girl .Yes ,being a mother it becomes easy for us to take care of everything and everyone except our own self.

If eating an apple a day is no longer appealing you then you can go and grab that flaxseed ,a rich source of omega 3 .

Recently,I read about some superfoods that can help us in getting our energy bank filled with right nutrients and generate energy required for our daily tasks.

1 Berries (Anti aging agents)

Berries are rich source of antioxidants.1/2cup of serving of berries releases 50 calories and it prevents arteries from getting clogged and at the same time helps in combating those wrinkles.

Strawberries,blackberries,raspberries (even the frozen ones )contain ellagic acid and a large number of polyphenols which inhibit tumour growth .Frozen berries are as potent as fresh ones .When frozen at the peak of ripeness they pack all the nutrients.

2.Puffed whole grains (Beats belly fat )

Whole grains according to a Pennsylvania State university when included in the diet enables one to shed twice as much as abdominal fat as those who ate none .These grains reduces the production of insulin the culprit behind that belly fat .

Each serving of whole grain lowers the risk of heart failure by 7 % .

Amaranth muesli is one of the direct form of consuming whole grain.A cup of muesli with amaranth in the breakfast helps in meeting the manganese requirement.

3.Prebiotic foods (Immunity boosters )

In a Swedish study of 262 workers ,the ones who took probiotics for 80 days were 42% less likely to take a six days off for an upper respiratory infection or gastrointestinal disease.Probiotics aids to the good bacterias in gut and thus outnumber the bad ones .While probiotic food carry live microbes prebiotics aid the growth of good bacterias.Onions ,bananas,asparagus,garlic ,wheat ,oats are some of the foods that contain nutrients on which microbes feed on .

4.Virgin Coconut oil (Beats inflammation)

Virgin Coconut oil is cold pressed oil extracted from coconut kernel by mechanical or natural means .It is free of added chemicals and is not exposed to extra heat .It is fit for consumption.

The Lauric acid which is the main fatty acid present in the Coconut oil is an antiviral ,antifungal and antibacterial agent ..The virgin Coconut oil when consumed lowers the lipid levels in serum and tissues .It also contains MUFA and omega 3 thus ensuring good health.

5.Sprouted ragi flour ( Prevents Anaemia)

Ragi due to the presence of iron ,B complex ,calcium and other vitamins is considered to be a complete food .It is also called golden meal of the poor .When ragi is sprouted it further enriches its nutrients as it has more bio available iron and B complex than regular ragi flour .

6 .Chia seeds (Boost the brain)

Chia seeds are now a days talk of the town .The staple food of Central America ,chia seeds are rich plant based source of omega 3 fats .Thus it helps in protecting brain ,heart and skin .Soak them ,grind them or eat them whole .They can be sprinkled on salad or added to the smmothie to get one 's punch of omega 3 .

So mommies get these super foods in your home and become an all energetic ,ever glowing and forever young women which all of us aspire to be .

( One can generally get them in the local supermarket ,Nature's basket or Fabindia)

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