10 fun things to do in pregnancy!!
|   Mar 07, 2017
10 fun things to do in pregnancy!!

It's so amazing how a woman's body is capable of creating a life inside her. When i got pregnant, initially it was hard for me to believe that i was pregnant until my tummy started to show up and my lil bub started to move inside me. It always amazed me how we are endowed with such supreme power of making those tiny human beings 👶I knew that nothing can be more precious and beautiful than this. This is one of a lifetime experience and i better make it fun and memorable. Here are ten ideas that i implemented to make this journey even more beautiful and exciting :-)

1.)Take progress pictures - First thing i did when i tested positive was to tell my hubby of course with happy tears in my eyes and then take a selfie of not only me but also of those two much awaited pink lines. 😊 Then after my first ultrasound i took my first belly picture. Take monthly or weekly belly pictures in same clothes (try and wear little lose clothes so it fits later ;) and make a collage later for comparison. It's really fun thing to do without much efforts.

2.) Write everyday journal - Write.. Write about everything. How you feel,how was your day, your feelings for the baby. Those first moves,times when you didn't feel the moves and kicks. All of that.. Would be so nice to read it later.

3) Shop for the new member - On your third trimester, you should start shopping for your lil one. Although in India,some families advice against it but it should really be your call. It's so important to prepare your hospital bag in advance. I did a lot of research on every little thing that i had to buy for my baby because i wanted to welcome him in the best way possible. All my third trimester i was occupied in researching, making wish lists, and shopping. Buy neutral unisex colors if you don't know the gender. And don't forget to wash them in dettol or baby detergent before you pack them. It will be fun too. 😄

4) Baby Shower - This is THE most exciting thing to do when you're expecting. Even if it's not a custom in your family, don't make it sound like a custom. Tell them it's just for fun and just a get together with your girls. That's what i did and said. Plan a dress code and a party theme. Take a lot of pictures. Plan a lot fun games,eat. Don't do any rituals, just have fun.

5) Maternity Shoot - This is quite in trend these days. Buy a nice gown or long dress for yourself and feel like a princess 👸. Involve your hubby and elder child if you have any in the shoot. It would be great fun for your family. 

6) Prenatal Yoga - It's not only beneficial for you but also for your baby. It really helped me in increasing my flexibility and preparing for labor. It sends positive vibrations to your mind and your baby. But do consult with your doctor before you start practicing. 

7)Belly Painting - It's a fun activity wherein a professional or anyone in the family or friends will paint your belly during your third trimester. There are various herbal paints available in the market. You can paint may be a watermelon,a cracking egg or something. This is one thing i really wanted to do but couldn't but you don't miss this fun. 

8) Babymooning - During pregnancy you get so exhausted with morning sickness, back cramps,increasing weight etc that romance and intimacy takes back seat and would probably be the last thing on your mind. Babymoon is an excellent idea to spend some time together, relax and enjoy each others company before you become three. You won't have time for vacation any time sooner when your lil munchkin arrives. Best time to go for Babymooning would be in the second trimester but again plan only if your doc gives you a green signal. 

9) Pick a new hobby - Indulge yourself in a new hobby now that you have time or recreate a long lost talent. Bake cakes, decorate nursery, weaving for your lil one, plantation etc. Not only these would keep you busy but who knows with these new skills you rediscover your passion. I discovered that make up and writing was my passion during my pregnancy and i quit my current job to follow them now 😄

10) Lastly just pamper yourself - Trust me, you won't get to relax and pamper yourself after the arrival of your LO. So go ahead, get a foot spa, head massage, or just a coffee date with your bestie. Watch movies and sleep as much as you can because these two especially would become a luxury later. I don't remember when was the last time i watched a movie without any interruption, or have finished one 😁 

So don't just wait for the baby to pop out,go ahead and make the most of it 👍

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