Co-sleeping Vs Crib-sleeping 
|   Feb 23, 2017
Co-sleeping Vs Crib-sleeping 

So,we planned a co-bed sleeping for our lil one wherein the crib is attached to the bed also known as Bed Nest. At first when i was looking for these cots everyone around would say why do you need this,make him sleep with you. I had a hard time explaining to them that he would be close to me and we including the baby would be able to sleep comfortably.I don't blame them. Cribs and Cots are still considered a waste of money in India. Although don't buy a very expensive one because it will be used for 3 to 4 years only. But wait until the baby turns at least 2 months. Because at intial two months babies wake up way to frequently at nights so it would be difficult to pick and place the baby back to crib each time. I bought one when the baby was 3 months old and had started to sleep for longer duration at night.I'm really happy with this idea because of the following reasons : * My hubby and I can now sleep on the same bed comfortably. Most days he would sleep in a different room because we were afraid we might hurt the baby while sleeping 😨 and would usually wake up in terror to check whether our bub is alright and isn't crushed under us. He has the blanket on him and it's below his face 😰

*This way the baby is very near to me so that i can lift him easily for late night feeds and for changing nappies. It's like the bed has expanded in a cute way.

* Transitioning the baby to his own room as he grows older would be easy. He will learn to sleep alone yet with us.

* There's no risk of falling down the bed as the crib rails perfectly protect it. This was another terror we were sleeping in. So mostly either i would make him sleep between us or keep pillows beside him for safety. 

*And mainly because my munchkin loves it there with his colorful friends around him. It's like it's his own space marking his presence strongly. You can't create this cuteness on bed. Sometimes during the day time i would lay him on his crib while i do some chores of house. 

Some pointers to keep in mind before you buy one :

1) Do measure the space beside your bed so that the cot can fit. 

2) Try to buy one that is bit light weight or has wheels so that it can be moved easily if need be.

3) To level the crib with your bed you can use some blankets or duvet. 

4) You can also go for used or refurbished ones available on Quicker and OLX. Also you can sell it later when it's no longer in use. This way you wouldn't have to burn a hole in pocket 👍 Hope you guys find this article useful for decision making ☺

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