Are you a Protective or an Overprotective mother??? 6 times we are judged for being protective! 
|   Apr 13, 2017
Are you a Protective or an Overprotective mother??? 6 times we are judged for being protective! 

Being protective towards the baby comes naturally as the motherhood begins. The day my li'l one was born, i like all mothers was immediately concerned about his well being. Although, i couldn't connect with him instantly which i still feel guilty about but his safety and comfort was the first thing on my mind. Way before he was born, I remember telling my friends about my nightmares that i went to the mall and i forgot my baby there. I know how scared i use to be at the thought of becoming a mother as i use to feel i will be a terrible mother since I'm so careless. Well, i guess nature has its way of programming mothers to be always alert. However, every mother takes care of her child in her own way and to the best of her knowledge.Yes, it is the truth that most of us would likely to take some things for granted because it hasn't been a trend yet. From the time he was born, beginning from the hospital till now, I have been frowned upon, called "sanki" (Finicky) and an overprotective mom many times. Here are the few instances where people thought i was being "OVERPROTECTIVE"  1.) SANITIZING - Yes, a thing as simple as sanitizing one's hands before touching a new born was beyond understanding for some. As if, I'm asking them to take a shower. Why is it so hard to understand that we carry millions of germs in our hands and a new born does not have that kind of immunity to fight them. An aunty in our neighborhood came running straight towards my baby to touch his cheeks and i gave her a red signal with my hands. STOP, I said, no hands please. She still doesn't talk to me 😝 Kissing and touching newborns on the face is not at all recommended.

2) NO FLASHES OR LOUD NOISES PLEASE!! How about taking a picture with flash off as there is enough light in the room already people! Baby has been in the dark womb for 9 freaking months. He's already trying to adjust with all the noises and lights around him, why would you want to blind him with a flash?? 

3) KIDS WANTING TO HOLD THE BABY - i mean why?? 😭😭 Even I'm scared of holding that li'l cotton ball, why do you think i wouldn't be scared of a kid wanting to hold the baby who can't even hold himself?? People.. Have you no command over your kids?? 

4) HOT OR COLD??? "Isko thand toh nahi lag rahi???" This was my worry all the time. He was born in September and it was hot for September that year so we had A.C.'s on but the li'l one had been so cozy in the womb that it's best to keep them cozy and covered rather than imposing our body temperatures to them. Just because you are feeling hot doesn't mean they would be too!

5) BABY PROOFING THE HOUSE - Well, who would like to see their babies hurt?? So, as responsible parents you would want to do your bit to safeguard them from an obvious injury. As babies start to move around in the house, there are so many things that can harm them badly. After hearing horrible stories from our pediatrician i immediately decided to baby proof our house. Places like corners of the tables, sharp edges, electrical points etc. are all so unsafe. Yes, we fell over all the time, we got injured number of times in our childhood and that's how you grow but an injury or accident which can be avoided, should be avoided. These resources weren't available that time or one may not be aware of them today but if they are available, affordable and there is awareness, why not???

6) BABY CAR SEAT - MOST UNDERRATED SAFETY GEAR IN INDIA, at least as far I've seen.We were once driving down on the national highway from our way back hometown. We were so engrossed in talking that we didn't realize there was an underpass crossing and suddenly a motorcycle appeared in front of our car. My hubby suddenly applied brakes and a car behind us had to pull brakes too. There was a child sitting on his mother's lap on the front seat. As they pulled brakes, the boy was thrown over the windshield and had a minor injury on the forehead. Luckily, nothing serious happened and we apologized to the couple a million times. That's when it occurred to me, why do we take the safety of our children granted by letting them sit in the car without any seat belts and that too in front seat. No one wants to think of the worst but not everyone is fortunate. The mother didn't get hurt because she was wearing the seat belts. If we wear seat belts while driving, why do we think a baby would be safe in the lap??? 

Please parents, don't put the safety of your child at stake. All these things are now easily available in India and we need to bring awareness as these are not some luxuries we are talking about. This is for the safety of your little ones. And we need to stop judging parents for being protective of their little ones. We will make them "Rough&Tough"( as this is what i heard a lot as an excuse for not using precautions) in the appropriate situation and manner but not by putting their health and lives on danger. 

Remember, Precaution is better than Cure!!!

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