|   Feb 14, 2017

Even before I got pregnant with my daughter, my friend was pregnant. We had a ball during her time. Had a grand baby shower and never ending potlucks till she delivered.. As her pregnancy progressed we would see her less often in a walk or in general would see her less out of the house. We happened to meet near the play area where my son was playing and we were shortly joined by a couple of other friends too.. With a pregnant around it's very easy to speak only about pregnancy related stuff. 

While we were speaking, my friend told me that once the baby is born she and her hubby would sleep in 2 different rooms. A few of my friends echoed the same and I was appalled by it! I asked them, why would u all do it? They told me since the baby keeps waking through the night, it would disturb their husband's sleep and they didn't want to disturb their husband's sleep. Wow! Really!?! I'm more of the attitude that if both of us are handling the baby, it makes the job a lot easier and both of us can sleep turn by turn. The counter argument I got was that men go outside and work the whole day while we can sleep any time at home! So are we sitting and relaxing the whole day at home with a newborn?? In my experience with 2 kids, you never feel sleepy during the day since there will be so much work piling up and would want to finish that when the baby is asleep. This is especially true in a nuclear setup. Aren't we working the whole day without much breaks? Does going to office and working only amount to working because you are paid while working at home is equal to doing nothing? Don't we get tired looking after the infants the whole day along with household chores? Agreed that today's maids do a lot more stuff than just sweeping and mopping but the question is, even then how much work can u get done by ur maid? Agreed that these days hiring cooks is in vogue, I too have one who comes and cooks only dinner for me. Even then i don't have much of a free time and I long for that 'me' time and I end up getting none! As it is, I'm tired running around for stuff through the day and again at night I'm the only one waking and looking after the baby? As a mother am I not entitled to rest? Why should I sleep in the other room for only my hubby to rest? I need rest too...... D loves watching Peppa pig cartoon on his Ipad. Watching it, he thinks that only mom does the real cooking while dad cooks only spaghetti! Lol.. Hubby started to cook over the weekends to reach D that everybody could do all types of work.. He does help in the chores over the weekends which makes D think that folding or drying clothes etc can be done by both. Seeing me handle my daughter most of the time D thought only mom's should handle the baby (M). On occasions when M cried and hubby tried changing diapers, D would be quick to say that 'it's mom's duty dad, let her do it'. We initially got angry but later  realised that  D had been learning from our actions. When hubby started handling M more and more, D realised that M can be handled by dad too but of course mom would pitch in when she would be hungry! Lol!

It's funny how kids stereotype things in their young minds and at the same time it's important for us as parents to break the stereotypes. We as parents always try to teach our kids that everything back home is 'OUR RESPONSIBILITY' and not just mom's or dad's.........

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