My pregnancy diaries!!
|   Feb 10, 2017
My pregnancy diaries!!

I became a mother after two years of marriage. The moment I saw the double line on the pregnancy stick, me and my husband were overjoyed there was no limit to our HAPPINESS!! We couldn't wait to share our news with everyone. 

Like someone very wise said your a mother the moment you see the double line pun intended. We quickly found a gynecologist and went to confirm if everthing was alright with the baby. She asked me to get a scan done and that was the first time I understood that there was something called an internal scan and I was completely zoned out throughout the procedure.

The doctor for the intial 3 months advised that I might have bouts of morning sickness I really had no clue what to expect. But within a couple of days I knew exactly what and how the morning sickness felt;) However the doctor's advise for 3 months was not true in my case I was very lucky I had the sickness all the time and throughout the pregnancy.

I somehow composed myself  and managed though the umteen tests and check ups and had a much peacful 2nd trimester.

By the time I reached my 3rd trimester I was completely exhausted I just wanted to get the baby out of me. Little did I know that the actual challenge was after childbirth. Anyway around the 3rd trimester my inlaws and parents got really excited and planned a super fancy baby shower. They got all charged up and said that it was a must celebrate occasion for which I did happily agreed. By the end of the event every cell in my body was screaming for rest. My back was hurting and my harmones were driving me crazy. Even after all this chaos my relatives wouldn't stop they kept inviting me for tea, dinners and so on. My husband had a ball of a time he would eat like a glutton and I would angrily stare at him because my sickness wouldn't let me eat the pungent food!

If this wasn't enough the doctor increased the appointments to a weekly appointment and she had more frequent tests that she wanted me to take. By around the 8th month she said we need to compulsorily do a urine test. With a huge baby bump collecting the sample in the small container calls for some major talent.

After all this on a special day in December at 3 in the morning my water broke and I was quickly wheeled into the hospital. The ultimate showdown started there since my water broke the doctor advised her staff to induce pain to speeden the process. It is an ultimate pleasure to be in labour it just doesn't give you the time to sigh of the pain before the next contraction starts. After living through a whole lot of pain for 9 hrs the doctor tells me I need an emergency c sec!... I was super lucky...and 15 mins in the OT my beautiful daughter was born.

After all this I was a super braveheart and went for a second child! If you enjoyed reading this please leave your views and comments below.

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