|   Apr 26, 2016
Is comparison part of everyone life?
Is that required to be part of life?
Is that for good or bad?

-> Daugther in law:

A girl with lots of hope,entered into new house and made a morning coffee and served it to  husband,MIL,FIL and everyone in the family .
FIL responded that my wife would make a better coffee than this.


If wife finds economical discomfort at home,then wife will start comparing her husband to her brother,father ,neighbour.


If a student in a family got an average marks ,then parents will start comparing with neighbours about the marks.


If infant didn't sit/crawl /walk as per age standards,then parents will start comparing with the other infants who already started walking/crawling.


Annual performance will be compared among employees and  sometimes people will be humiliated.

I dont feel comparison should be part of our lives.Either for students /employees ,who ever it may be.
High levels of comparisons will lead to aversion towards the person who is comparing /compared to .
It also effect our mental strength /confidence levels.
Children will have a high impact on their attitude and behaviour if we choose comparison as a tool for success.
How two people will have same attitude/life style/IQ and tastes.
We dont even share same IQ/tastes/life style with our siblings or parents.How can it be possible with others?

PS: I dont think there is something like "GOOD COMPARISON".

Comparison will become good if YOU compare with YOURSELF.

Hoping for a change in at least one person after reading this.

Thank you :) 

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