I have 2 Mothers
|   May 12, 2017
I have 2 Mothers

#Momspiration, #MothersDay

I am married for 2 years now and I am a mother to a beautiful 7 months old daughter. This will be my first Mother’s Day but more than being gifted, I am thinking what I can do for my mother this day. I am one of those fortunate girls who not only got a supportive husband but an understanding Mother in Law as well. It was few days back only, in one of the conversation, my colleagues started saying that, "You are so lucky, you have such lovely MIL that you have no reasons to miss your mother". Not only this, I am always envied by my friends and colleagues who have non-cooperative mother in laws' unlike mine. On this Mother’s day I want to wish my both mothers a very very healthy and happy life ahead. One mother who has given me birth and made me a person “wise and strong” enough to lead a happy life and other mother who has welcomed me with open arms in her life and family.

There is one mother who raised me with hardships, gave away her meals to fill my stomach; ran pillar to post to find the solution of my poor appetite; each time I had an exam, she would sit in temple for hours, never got tired of visiting my teachers so that they encourage me to take more and more participation in co-curricular activities; she was the one who went extra mile so that her daughter finds the best saree and longest earrings for her farewell; her eyes filled with tears of happiness when I handed over my first paycheque to her, her mouth couldn’t stop praising me when I got my first promotion and went for my first earned foreign trip. It was her who scanned almost 200 boys to find that one perfect husband for me. She never listened to public accusing her of being too choosy or me nearing certain “society accepted age limit”. My heart goes out to that mother who is my support mechanism, who has encouraged me to do more than one thing at one point. No matter where I go, which country I travel, for me the most comfortable place is her lap and her hand slowly running through my hair. World’s best cuisine is shame in front of her hand cooked sabzi and roti. She is my inspiration, she is my first love. And then there is my next mother, My Mother in LAW. She is the one because of whom I could actually accept my arrange marriage proposal. Her first conversation with me is still so fresh in my heart and will always be, “no matter what!! I am always with my daughter in laws’ more than my sons, and I can never see a tear in your eyes”. Oh, what inspirational lady she is. One lady who is always smiling and I can never imagine my day starting without her smiling face. She will get up first in the morning and work tirelessly till she drops on the bed at night. I can’t thank her enough for raising her son exceptionally well that I got such supportive husband. There is so much one can learn from her. I have never seen a woman who is so giving in her nature and does not carry even a single expectation in return. From being so organised in her paperwork, timely payment of all bills, taking control of all household repairs, getting all groceries on time, to an expert cook and a tender-hearted grandmother. She makes genuine effort to understand her daughter in law from a newly married girl’s perspective, encourages me to dress up and look gorgeous but never weighs me down with illogical customs and rituals. She loves to see me at all family functions and festivities but never forces me to go beyond my comfort zone. She loves to see me cooking but runs first to make chapatis for me when I return from office in the evening. She is always ready to listen to me, loves seeing me love her son madly and is so happy to play with my daughter. She is truly an inspiration.

I am blessed to get unconditional love of two mothers. I hope I match my mother’s shoes for my daughter and aspire to become like my mother in law one day when a newly wed innocent girl enters my son’s and my life.

Love you MOMS

#Momspiration, #MothersDay

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