How to cope up loss of someone close to you
|   Jun 28, 2017
How to cope up loss of someone close to you

A beautiful quote by Mitch Albom

“Death ends a life, not a relationship.”

Life and death are opposite ends. But, everyone has come to a point where someone close to them passes away.  It is the hardest truth about life when you can’t believe the person you loved the most is not with you. The grief adds more when you deny the fact the person close to you passed away so suddenly. Memories often get intermingled giving incomplete and unexpressed feelings.

The loss of someone special is difficult to heal if you keep yourself aloof from others. Talking about your experience of the loss to someone or remembering the fond memories of them with your loved ones is a huge step towards healing. Be it a negative or positive feeling, it should be expressed or shared with someone who will understand your feelings.

You need to create a good support system of people who are good listeners and will help you to cheer up. You can take help of your friends, family members, your teachers or any mental health advisor.

Let your friends reconnect you. Allow them to hear and understand your situation. Sometimes it will be difficult for them to understand your emotions, but be patient with them. Choose your contacts wisely, limit only to people who tell you how to heal and cope up with life.

The range of emotions inside you will be difficult to sort so soon. The best is to give time to heal.  Accept things as it comes to you and respond it tactfully.  You can also start writing a journal to let go your painful loss feeling.

Practice meditation, breathing, deep sleeping technique to calm your mind.You need to take care of yourself, eat well, exercise when you get time, and avoid drugs or alcohol which can make your feelings worse.

Switch back to your routine as early as possible. Reestablishing your routine can give you hope and normalcy.Losing someone close is a reminder that life is too short and unpredictable.

Keeping yourself busy is an age-old technique to feel less grieved. But it can be sometimes painful to do same the routine.If you do what you really like or dream about doing. It can motivate you to embrace your new strength and make you focus your energy to achieve your dream.

Cherish the memories of your loved ones. Celebrate their lives without focusing on their death. Your loved ones never leave you truly. Their spirits always stay close to your heart watching and blessing you.


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