Will Power: The God Inside You
|   Jun 30, 2017
Will Power: The God Inside You

One day I went on an expedition to achieve my dream.

I had to cross a jungle, I took a big map with me.

Suddenly the winds blew hard and flew away, my map.

I sat down, having no clue where to go.

I heard few birds flutter away as if some dangerous animal was close by.

Remembered how the cheetah, jackals, wild dogs and hyenas hunt.

I could see my body scratched, punched, ripped and eaten by them.

It was getting darker and my hopes were getting lost.

I closed my eyes and prayed God for survival.

When I opened my eyes, a shepherd was standing beside me with a stick.

He asked me why you are standing here in the jungle. Come with me.

I followed him across the jungle and reached my destination.


When we see a dream, we get lost in lots of thoughts and actions.

We often think we have adequate resources to help us go ahead, but sometimes those resources fail to deliver help.

We get surrounded by people who taunt, discourage and give false hopes.

We see our dreams cut, tossed and buried.

The only hope we have is God. The All mighty who exists in every living being and who exists inside us.

Inside us, God exists in the form of our will power, our faith, our determination and our goodwill.

The stronger the willpower, the stronger you can move ahead in the jungle.

You have the ability to ward off all the demotivation with the help of a stick called determination.

It is only you, who has the power to cross all the hurdles of life and achieve your dream.

Your God is inside you.

Right there in your heart to hear, help and hold you.

Stick to your dream with strong determination and you would cross all the jungles, to reach your destination.

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