8 lovely ways to use Kid's artwork
|   Oct 26, 2015
8 lovely ways to use Kid's artwork

We all want our kids to get the hold of extra activities other than normal studies.For this very purpose we are sending our kids to art/craft/dance/music ( many more) classes.This post is for art lover kids, who are passionate about painting and sketching. When they keep on filling art books, we parents normally don't understand what to do with those art books. We simply pile them in store room or in any self in kids room. They keep on fading and loosing it's charm. Here are few suggestions, have a look :

1. Book them : I know they are paining a book only but use those books as something you want your guest to look upon. So place them in your coffee table or stack them up in a bookshelf of you living room. Let other people admire your kid's creativity. Also, you can get a customized photo book made from those art work pages. Each child can create a book that will house the year's pictures, and will be able to look back years later to see how their artistic talents changed. 

2. Poster them : Get yourself involved in it. Take a pic of your kid's creation and get a frameable poster made with it.The poster should have room for a title of your kid's collage, their name and the date range of when the pieces were created. Now that's something you'd want to hang up in your house. See this blog and get the idea about tape picture frames also.

3. Gift them : Get customized diaries/pillow covers/mugs/fridge magnet/bags made from your kid's art work and gift them to grand parents. I am sure they'll be very happy to receive such original art work designed for them only. You can get customized bags made for kids with their very own art work.

4. Clip them : You can't go wrong with clipboards. Create a wall of artwork by mounting each piece on its own clipboard. These "frames" make it easy to switch out pieces, making this an evergreen option.

5. Date them : Forget buying calendars and stationary.keep track of the date and send out thank yous made from your little ones' very own scribbles.

6. Wrap them : Have a birthday party coming up? Take larger masterpieces and use that as the wrapping paper. I'm sure relatives (and siblings) would love a gift that was wrapped up in original artwork.

7. Puzzle them : Laminate a favorite portrait and have it cut into random shapes to create your own DIY puzzle of your child's artwork. Instead of collecting dust in a drawer, their masterpiece becomes something they'll love to play with over and over again.

8. Decorate them: Wall decor is the simplest thing we can do with kid's art work. Hang art work in different ways and your custom decoration is ready.

Some of the websites who can help you to get these things done:





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