Aah! That Beautiful Air of my childhood
|   Mar 09, 2017
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Aah! That Beautiful Air of my childhood

I remember my childhood days when on Sundays I used to wake up early and used to enjoy the fresh air of my backyard garden. There was something magical in that air that it used to give me peace of mind and energy needed for the cleansing of my studies related stress. Mornings in my small town in Uttar Pradesh used to be harmonious, pure, full with a subtle scent and sound of bells coming from a temple located at a distance. It used to be so much fun for kids to wake up early morning for playing cricket and collecting flowers (I used to do this). Now I badly miss that fresh scented air around me.

After getting married I shifted to Delhi and since that time I am feeling a scarcity of that pure air which used to make me calm and composed. Mornings are busy, crowded and full of pollution these days in Delhi. People rush for offices and everywhere there are cars, buses, and two-wheelers spitting up bad air. And hence most areas in the city recorded a whopping 900+ on the pollution meter, 10 times more than the normal range. This pollution is not only outside of our houses because of vehicles. There are a lot of different sources which are adding impurities to the air like rapid construction and burning trash in resident areas. The widespread destruction of trees, burning crop stubble in farms and the burning of crackers, all come together to make the city unliverable. Indoor air quality can actually be worse than the air outside as it is not imported from any green city. It is obviously coming from outside and inside pollutants like dust, pollen, mould, tobacco smoke, and pet dander even make the situation worse inside our houses. Ironically our new age houses of societies are not that ventilated and open to let everything go out quickly.

According to many of the health care facilities “If you are among the 20-28 million asthmatics in the country, if you have kids in the house, with underdeveloped immune systems, if a lady in your house is pregnant, if your house/ office is in a construction zone, If you have a pet in the house then air purifier is the way to go.” Most of the families have already accepted the use of water purifier at homes and seeing the negative impacts of indoor pollution, I am noticing an increase in acceptance of air purifiers as well. This would not be incorrect to say and buying air purifiers is not a luxury now. It is slowly becoming a necessity, especially in a city like Delhi.

Nonetheless, finding the best air purifier is again tough like buying any other home appliances. There are many options available and people are still facing challenges in understanding the air purifier-related jargon. However, investing in a standard product like Eureka Forbes Dr. Aeroguard can be a fair option. This purifier has three filters: Pre-filter, HEPA filter, and Carbon filter. Let’s now understand what these filters do. The HEPA filter removes suspended particulate matter (PM2.5 particles), but a pre-filter (like the filter in air conditioners) before that removes large particles (M10 size), increasing the life of the HEPA filter and cleaning the air. The carbon filter is an extra benefit as it can trap gases and removes odors. These three filters make Aeroguard a powerful air purifier to help us big time. It also comes with a feature of continuous air quality monitoring.

Although buying air purifier is definitely a need now but we can always do our bit. Go for indoor plants. Indoor plants like money plant, snake plant and areca palm plant are excellent in purifying indoor air. We need fresh and good quality air for survival and now is the time to be vigilant and understand that the future would be worse if we don’t awake now. Do whatever it takes to breath fresh!!

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