Chai chappa chai..
|   Feb 22, 2017
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Chai chappa chai..

Baby’s first bath is a memorable milestone for parents. In one of my blogs “Every Day Is A Victory. Relish Every Win, Even The Small Ones..", I mentioned that I used to celebrate every of my baby’s such milestones. And my son’s first proper bath was again a great achievement for me. Although his first bath was given by the nursing staff of the hospital where I delivered my baby. Next day, when he was born, a lady from the nursing staff came and asked me to give soap and moisturizer that I wanted to use for my son. And that was the first time, I opened my first cute, pink Johnson’s baby care kit and gave few things to the lady. But one thing was missing in the kit, the soap. Till then I had seen only Johnson’s soap that my mother used for me as well. But that kit had a new bottle, Johnson's Top-To-Toe Wash. I immediately took it out from the kit and started reading what was written on the bottle. “As gentle and mild as pure water” specially designed for a newborn, it was a new body wash. I handed that baby wash to the nurse and asked her to use it gently. I had trust at Johnson's side but that was the first time my delicate bundle of joy was going to take a bath. I was a little anxious.

When a new life comes in your arms, you don’t want anyone to harm her. You wish to give her world’s greatest comfort and the mildest touch ever. After the lady took my son to the nursery, I started googling about this new Johnson's top-to-toe baby wash. I read that it is clinically proven mild, for a newborn’s first bath. It is 100% soap free, hypo-allergenic (unlikely to cause an allergic reaction) and the most recommended liquid wash. I was utterly relieved. However, I couldn’t witness my baby’s very first bath as I was bed ridden. But when we both mother and son came back home, we enjoyed this moment again in presence of Johnson's Top-To-Toe wash. My baby first bath at home happened under the supervision of my mother in law. She showed me how to hold the baby, how to rub his skin and how to pour the water. I took my lessons carefully and now I feel confident about giving a bath to the newborn. I have been using Johnson's Top-To-Toe wash for my son since that time. I really like it’s breezy texture when I pour it into my palm. It smells great and I like it because it’s easy to store as well. With soap, you need soap case and you should consider placing it in a clean area. With bottle packing, Johnson's Top-To-Toe wash is handy and easy to carry.

Bath time, with my son, was an enduring and learning experience for myself. It boosted my bonding with my baby and gave us many memories. With time, I learned which areas need more attention while giving a bath. Like the armpits where fuzz from sleep-suits can accumulate. Areas around eyes where debris gets accumulated. Now I don’t use the bathtub for my son but when he was tiny, I used to give him a bath in his bathtub. My son never played with bath time toys. He used to take Johnson's baby shampoo in one hand and Johnson's Top-To-Toe wash in other and that was it. These two bottles were enough to keep him busy during his bath. He used to enjoy dashing them together and making fun with doing “Chap Chap” in water.

 To know about Johnson's Top-To-Toe wash, do check this video :

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