Dear Teen Kids, few things about pornography you should know
|   Aug 08, 2016
Dear Teen Kids, few things about pornography you should know


You are growing faster with each passing day and you are getting to know lots of new and strange things around you. If you haven't come across pornography yet, you will surely some day. It’s a reality of our world. So I want to tell you few things about this stuff :

1. It's an incidental content which not only has the power to make one curious, but it can also make one addictive. But the first and foremost important thing about pornography is "It's not real love". Love is about selflessness and mutual respect. Pornography, however, shows the opposite. In those real-looking acts, men and women are depicted as objects with the only purpose of fulfilling sexual needs.

2. If you haven't come in contact of this, chances are you would have a few questions about it. But if you have seen any such stuff and are hiding your confusions, please ask your parents. Hiding your curiosity wouldn't work. You might be afraid to talk about it. You may feel ashamed by what you see. However, the sooner you talk to your parents, the more heartache you will be able to avoid in the long run.

3. If your friends have made you watch this and you are feeling guilty, please note seeing this stuff doesn't make you ignorable, and it certainly doesn't make you any less loved by your family members. But be careful! You need to keep a distance from those friends who are so in depth of watching pornography. This stuff is an evil that can destroy everything you care about; your faith in love, your family and your sense of self.

4. People are not able to control their feeling by watching so much of this piece. It can make it difficult for anyone to stay focused on what really matters. And with time it may come to a point where the only thing that does matter is satisfying the sexual urges pornography provides. And if have any such feelings, you are on a wrong path. Come back without looking back even once.

5. With time people realize that pornography is only fake love. And they start feeling filthy. But before you begin experiencing a feeling of filthiness or if you feel you're the only one with this mindset, please know that you're not alone. Millions of people feel the same way, whether they want to or not. The key to coming out of this feeling is, Speak about it. The sooner you can talk to your parents about your feeling, the sooner you can feel better.

6. You may get a thought that love is about satisfying bodily needs. After all, this is what people do at some stage in love. The truth is, Love is something different. Love is more about understanding each other’s hearts than bodily needs. For sure pornography is not the right way to display love. As you grow older, you will meet people who don't need pornography to feel loved or express it to others.

Kids, you'll definitely meet the love of your life some day in the future. And you'll realize that body needs come last in gestures of true love. Sex is only one of the bonding experiences between two people who love and care for each other. Please don't reverse the order of understanding what love for opposite sex is. Don't make haste in getting everything so early. Trust me, the best things in this life are worth the wait.

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