Go Chase Your Dreams, kid
|   Aug 02, 2017
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Go Chase Your Dreams, kid

Dance was my favorite art-form back in my childhood days. It was a celebration of life; graceful, gentle, swift motions that helped me express myself.

One day I learned about a renowned Kathak Guru who gave lessons in the local community center. My classmates and neighborhood children soon joined his class. This dance fever caught on to me and I started dreaming about being a famous Kathak dancer when I grew up. But, when I asked my mother to enroll me for the classes, my hopes were shattered with her curt reply. She said, “Focus on your studies. We can’t afford the dance class as of now.” The fee was only 60 rupees a month. However, back in those days, it was not as little an amount for a middle class family. I had to give up my passion for dance but hoped that sometime in future I would find an opportunity to pursue my dream.

My mother’s refusal to spend on my dance lessons made me wonder why we had little money and that why we could not spend on a hobby instead of focusing on studies all the time. As a child, my mind was clouded with many such questions, and it made me sad. I was aware that our household expenses were managed solely by my father, besides a home loan that I often heard they discussed about. Their hard earned savings were always mapped to our more important needs like education, treatment, marriage, etc. As I grew up, I understood the importance of savings and how it could be instrumental in fulfilling our dreams and aspirations. Thanks to my parent’s savings, I received good education which landed me a well- paying job in a reputed company.

Financial independence is not just about being liberated. It also brings happiness and lets us live life on our own terms. Gone are the days when only the men of the house would work, while the women stayed dependent. Now a large number of Indian women are financially independent and are able to support their families in turn. They are smart and are wise to plan and save for future needs.

However, for a lot of women, their careers take a back seat when they become mothers. They become dependent upon their partner’s earnings and with the rising cost of living and education, it becomes difficult to meet financial goals of the family. Out of the many wants, mothers start sacrificing things like hobby classes for their kids, or investments that they did for themselves.

I have been a victim of this situation as a kid and never wanted the same for my child. I had to make sure that I save enough every month to be able to let my child explore his hobbies and dreams. While most of my savings are mapped to future goals, some of them are short term happiness funds as I call them. It is some fixed amount of money that I could use every month for my son’s hobby classes, board-games, books and more. That’s how I came across Kotak Silk, a Savings Programme dedicated to women and their specific needs. I could plan my finances in a way that fulfilled our short term and long term goals. I also got a zero-balance Kotak Junior account for my son through a simple SIP which adds to my investment. These simple things make a big difference in the long run. The satisfaction of being able to make my child happy – is priceless!

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