Humor with Karwa Chauth
|   Oct 28, 2015
Humor with Karwa Chauth

Karwa Chauth is an occasion which has been inspiring Indian women for years and has been a emotional nucleus for many marriages. Have you noticed, Karwa Chauth is one of the festivals which every mother in-law wants to teach to her new bahu? If I think why mother in-laws are so particular about this, I get two reasons 1) Very standard reason, she wants to teach daughter in-law about her family customs. She is interested in passing on what she got from her mother in-law in form of family values and belief. 2) And second reason is her son. Of -course this fast is assumed to be directly propositional to his son's age. If bahu will do this whole heartedly and following each and every step, her son'll be safe.

You see, apart from all difficulties of nirjal fast and faith over dynamism of this fast, a fun factor is also involved with this very occasion. Few of such funny moments are below:

1) This very day your mother in-law's behavior changes, specially if you are new for this fast. She'll spend her day around you only. For this day, she'll speak politely and cordially. Either she'll make you sit in kitchen whole day and keep you busy in making festival food. Or, she'll give you liberty of being in your room for whole day.If you couldn't understand why this sudden change then let me help. She wants to make sure you are not eating anything until evening. If you are in kitchen, she'll keep on telling you about what her son likes to eat today. And if you are in your room, she'll keep on telling others that she wants to give her bahu rest, as this is a difficult fast. So caring!!

2) Karwa Chauth is the time for shopping for self and mother-in-law. Gifts include heavy sarees, gold and diamond jewellery. Then women want their matching sandals, jewellery, glass bangles, bindis, cosmetics, hair accessories and flowers to dress up. Also, this is a booming time for beauty parlours as they offer special “Karwa Chauth packages”! Skin clinics for hair reduction, skin upliftment, wrinkle corrector shots, specialized facials are the service areas which flourish during this festive time. So much for just one day!

3) Henna is also something which has become must-to-do on Karwa Chauth. It not only augments a woman's natural beauty, but adds a touch of elegance as well. Even a week before, henna artists start putting boards about "Karwa Chauth Special Henna". And be specific, you want full hands or only palms.If you are in hurry, not to worry, they'll draw a quick design "Arabic henna". Contrary to the Indian style which ensures that the whole hand is filled with intricate design, the Arabic one is less intricate. Rates are based on area of your hand they would use for henna design. A log waiting for getting your turn and believe me rates are no less than any beauty treatment.

4) You are on nirjal fast and you feel so weak. You might feel dizzy and low blood pressure so don't forget to share this with your dear husband. Make him understand that all this pain you are taking and putting your health on stack is for his good health and long life. Every time he is eating in front of you, take a big sigh.. He'll be ready in helping you in every way possible. He can even give you a head massage if you complain headache. This day your husband is more affectionate and  admiring for you. Get yourself pampered ladies. 

5) God bless our movie and daily soap makers. They have added a hint of spice in Karwa Chauth celebration with showing a tradition of gifting to wife.It has been glamorized by Bollywood as a romantic gesture and by our 9 PM prime time soaps. I never saw my father giving any gift to my mother on Karwa Chauth but now this gift has become a crucial part. This is of-course a complex procedure. You are already getting a gift from your husband on your anniversary every year. So thinking about what to gift on Karwa Chauth is no less than any exam for husbands.

6) With time we have changed and so have changed the values of fasts. Now we want our husbands to be on fast with us. It's emotional blackmailing  but wives do. And Yes Chopra is more or less responsible for this. The movie DDLJ has inspired young couples to do fasts together. In this day and age of equality, is your life not important as well? 

You might not follow the traditional way of this fast but I am sure you believe in the reason behind this fast. This day is to show your love for your husband. This special fast is to tell him that he is the most important person of a wife's life. But why not celebrate this day with smiles on our faces !! Let's not kill ourselves in starving (and without having water) all day. Rather save energy to look gorgeous while facing the beautiful moon. Let's make our husbands realize that we are important for them. And we can look best even spending whole day fasting.
All the best to all lovely ladies for their Karwa Chauth fast :)

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