Is your current Work Life Balance equation is not working as expected ? 9 points to help you out
|   Oct 11, 2015
Is your current Work Life Balance equation is not working as expected ? 9 points to help you out

After getting married when I joined office back, I was told to read about "Work Life Balance" by each of my lady managers. As I was living with my husband only and that ways we had no as such responsibilities with us, I found it as a dysfunctional term for me. My life was already balanced.After becoming mother, I realized why those ladies were talking about "Work Life Balance". Now I run short of time everyday and I juggle between completing my office work timely and taking care of my family needs.I can't stay late in office. I can't work on weekends. But I can't skip office every other day.When I am not able to finish my work being in office, I try to manage by doing it from home. But Giving equal hours to office and family doesn't look realistic because life is so fluid, you can't predict where your presence value more. Frankly, there is no formula for Work Life balance because our priorities change with time.So even if your current planning is going smoothly, it may vary with time. I agree, it's not always easy to mold work as we want. But even if you don't have much control over the hours you have to work, you can ask yourself: In what other ways am I bringing greater enjoyment into my life? No clean answers? Not to worry, here are few tips and tricks with which I am trying to balance out my life. Hope they can help you as well. But first to check if your life is balanced or not, ask few questions to your self :

1. Prepare one night before: Do all your preparations one night before to avoid morning time rush. Here are some To-do for one night before :

2. Plan meals ahead : Do all your meal plannings during weekend. Chop vegetables and pack them in portions. This way you can enjoy home cooked food throughout week days without having to invest much time in preparations.

3. Utilize the Internet: Why to go for groceries when it's available online.So avoid busy shops and restless kids. Hop online to: 

4. See if work can be flexible: Most mothers leave their jobs because they face a conflicting situation between home and work. Ask you boss few questions to know if work from home is available or any other flexibility possible : 

5. Make a family Calendar: This will help in keep on working out things on time and kids'll be more organized. 

6. Leave office at office: Don't carry office stress to home. And make a line between work and family.

7. Make "me" time a priority: It's not being selfish, it's being human. Get some time to do what you enjoy and love most.

8. Divide and conquer: Share your responsibilities and work load with your husband. 

9. Give up perfection : What if your home is messy or you don't cook many recipes everyday. Life is too short to worry. 

So, Focus your time and attention on things you can control.Simple concepts! And once you focus on key components of your day, they are not that hard to implement. So, make it happen, for yourself, your family and all the important individuals you care about…every day for the rest of your life… Achieve and Enjoy.

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