It's a relationship for generations
|   Dec 20, 2016
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It's a relationship for generations

No one can better explain how Johnson & Johnson helps in taking care of babies than my mother.  My parent’s first baby was born with no heartbeat. She was already gone when my mother delivered her. Those days’ frequent checkups and ultrasounds were rare so they couldn’t know what happened to their unborn child. The doctor who was attending my mother got furious over my father for all ill treatments that happened with my mother during her pregnancy.  Not surprisingly, my grandmother and my father’s elder sister were like the TV soap like Saas (mother-in-law) and Nand (sister-in-law) who always make plans for torturing the Bahu (Daughter-in-law). It was a horrible time and loss for my mother, and my father very well realized this. So when my mother got pregnant next time (carrying me), he was overly cautious.

An uncommon practice started in my family when I was about to born. My parents were seeing a private doctor and I was born in a private nursing home. 30 years back it was a subtle path which they took because that time middle-class people used to go to government doctors/hospitals only. My grandparents used to nag my father for spending money in private care. But he was determined to give the best care to my mother. After I was born, my parents faced a new dilemma. I had a super sensitive skin. Until I was in nursing home, my care was a concern of hospital staff so they faced no issue. However as they took me home, my skin started troubling him. I was born in mid of rainy summers of north India. Humidity was at its peak and there was no other medium of balancing humidity other than a ceiling fan. Plus, my skin was reacting to the usual mustard oil massage which is a normal procedure in all typical UP (north Indian) families. Eventually, I got skin allergy in the area between chin and neck. It was severe to the extent that I got admitted to the hospital. I was only a few months old and I was in the hospital for my skin vulnerability. In next couple of days, I was better but my parents came home with a new understanding and convention. The doctor told them to use only Johnson & Johnson's skincare products for me. Again, it was repressed by my super traditional family. Till then no one had ever bought any kind of skin care products from outside for babies. Many of them even said, “Why spend so much money on a girl?” But my parents welcomed J&J with a full heart and my skin responded well. With continuous use of J&J Powder, soap, and oil, my allergy got cured. And since then J&J products have a special place in my parent’s heart.

Every mother wants to give the best care to her babies. And by using J&J products for me, my mother proved that no one can dismay a mother’s feeling for her baby, even though she had to face people’s rolling eyes. It was a new trend for my family but with a little struggle, J&J was able to secure its place there. And since then this relationship kept on getting stronger. After me, my sisters, cousins, and every single baby (including my son) get the same mild and vanilla care from J&J products.  I really like to mention that when I was pregnant I went to the same doctor whom my mother was seeing when she was carrying me. And I gave birth to my son in the same nursing home. It's worth saying that there was no conflict in using J&J body wash for my baby’s first bath. My journey with Johnson's has been really satisfying and fair so far, be it in my case and now when I am using them for my son . The best part is that I am still in love with the beautiful fragrance that comes from Johnson's baby shampoo as it was part of my childhood. Today I proudly say that I am a Johnson’s child and a Johnson’s Mother, both. And this single line is more than enough to convey my feelings about taking care of my baby whom I love the most in this world.

If you want to quickly know how to moisturize baby’s sensitive skin, do check the video below:

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