#Momspiration A woman of courage and audacity
|   May 10, 2017
#Momspiration A woman of courage and audacity

For every daughter, her mother is the biggest inspiration always. I have, many times, written about my mother and how she has always influenced me till deep. But in this post, I am going to talk about another Mom, who is simply ahead of time and very strong fighter. Neena Gupta.

She is a renowned actor, writer, and director. But the most unexampled thing about her life is her unwed daughter Masaba. A Sanskrit degree holder, Neena lived her life on her own terms, even living in our country where taking such bold decision is never appreciated, especially for a woman. Neena never hesitated in talking about her relationship with one of the world's finest cricketers, Vivian Richards. 29 years back, when she got pregnant with having an affair (with Vivian Richards) and the couple decided to not to marry each other, Neena took the most undaunted step. She continued her pregnancy and today her daughter Masaba is a well-known face of the fashion industry.

Neena’s life always galvanized me whenever I read about it. As a woman, she is honest, hard working and a bit impulsive. She has high self-respect but in her heart, she is the most simple and shy woman. Although she looks so ambitious and so modern but she is quite a housewife who knows how to adjust and go with the flow of life. I have read many of her interviews. And I am in love with her answers and her way of representing a shade of life which is mostly assumed gray. She is smart, successful and very creative. Apart from her acting career, she has directed successful TV series, such as Saans (1999),  Siski in (2000) and Kyun Hota Hai Pyarrr. She also ran a theater production company, 'Sahaj Productions'. On top of everything, she is a superb mother who nurtured her daughter in such a way that she herself is a role model persona now.

Neena, that time, knew that people are going to criticize her decision of carrying her baby. Yet she went ahead, fighting with all ill talks and abrupt questioning. The most truthful and genuine side of her personality always says, when asked about her decision, that “ It was a wrong decision, as it is very difficult to bring up a child alone. You make a child suffer due to your wish and whim. The child does not have that side of the family.” I feel it needs a lot of courage to admit that she took the path which she herself doesn’t suggest to others. However, the journey was so tough for her. Neena needed money to raise her daughter. So she did bad movies and peculiar roles. She has not a bit of embarrassment in accepting that she did B grade movies for making a livelihood. This, I find is, so justified.

My liking for Neena even increased more when she gave credit to her father for being the MAN of her life. Her father, an orthodox person, was initially dead to know what Neena had decided for her unwed pregnancy. But later when he realized that Neena really wanted to bring the child in this world, he backed and supported her fully. Neena is very close to Masaba, her daughter. I can completely connect with her when she says that she wants to be alive for Masaba. She admits that their life was not normal. Neena was fully working and was trying hard to spend time with her daughter. Masaba, on the other side, was always a blessed child who understood her mother and her decisions. They both have the strongest chemistry ever,  even though Neena couldn’t give Masaba a father’s outlook. Only Neena can say this to all women 'If you want to live in India and in society, you have to marry. Do not be this modern woman that I was, saying I don't believe in marriage. You have to marry. '

Today she is a married woman and the point to be noticed is not with Vivian Richards. Neena got married to a Punjabi businessman at the age of 50. The whole world knows about Neena and her daughter Masaba, but I find it so nice that her present husband loved and accepted her. Neena is simply an inspiration. People often set her example as being a matchless single mother who mothered a child out of wedlock way back in 90es. Howbeit, I see Neena as an illumination to all those mothers as well, who are about to take the decision of being a single mother always.  A child needs both the mother and the father, and Neena always gives convergence to this point whenever people ask about her boldest decision, Masaba.

#Momspiration Neena Gupta 

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