New year-New hopes- New responsibilities -All for my Son
|   Dec 23, 2015
New year-New hopes- New responsibilities -All for my Son

While the New Year is at our door steps, we all must have started planning it out. Some things to do and some things not to do. In our popular terminology we also call it the making of “New year resolution”. Usually, while making their New Year resolution people keep their own self at the center. However, I feel this is the time for me shift my focus towards my son. Let me share with you the things I have kept in mind about my son that are ‘to be’/ ‘not to be’ done in coming year:

1. I'll try to give more time to my son. Any stuff in this world which matters to his life has no meaning without my presence. Being a working woman I manage to give little time to my son. However, as he is growing up he has started recognizing my presence and absence around him. I need to put efforts on making out ways so that I can give more time to my son. After all I am the mother and the responsibility of my child’s right up bringing is on my shoulders. I will have to find out better time management tricks so that I can take care of my work, home and son altogether.

2. I'll try be a better home maker. As my son is growing up it's  my job to make my house the best place for him to have fun. A growing child needs to learn and fun together. And I want my son to enjoy and learn from his surroundings. I'll work on making home a place where my son can cherish everything like his toys, playing with his father, little teasing to his grandmother and few strict instructions from me. Not just his room but the entire house should be a playing hut for him. This I think will be the year’s gift for my little tot.  

3. I'll try to make him learn importance of relationships. Right now he only knows who are Papa/Mumma and Dadi. I think I'll work on making him recognize other family members also. I shall be using photos of family members and making stories around them. So that my son can identify who is Dada ji/Nana ji and others, his very own family persons. I think he should know that family is very important and significant for his life. He must understand that he has many of his family members who love and care for him like his parents. 

4. I'll make him learn importance of discipline. Till now I used to let him do what he wanted. But I'm ready to start with introduction of discipline to his life. For example, setting up a strict bedtime. Honestly I have never tried my best to set daily routine for my son. He sleeps when he wants to sleep, he plays when he wants and poops when he feels. However, he would be starting his play schooling from the next year and this year will be the right time to manage his daily routine. So that he does not have to make a stubborn effort when he is sent out for leaning. 

5. My job to make him cultured and well mannered. Though my son normally obeys what we (his parents) tell him. But I want to make sure he becomes a good man in future. As of now he's just a 15 month old child who has no understanding about manners. It’s his mother’s job to start instilling in him good manners like politeness and courtesy. So how my little one should talk and behave with others is something I'm targeting to teach in the coming year. A few simple and easy lessons of decency for him before he learns anything from the world outside home. I’m sure this will add more to his sweetness.

6. Strengthening my son’s faith on his parents. He might be very immature to understand the gravity of faith but as a mother I can understand his reliance upon me. When he jumps and I catch him, I see his faith for his mother that she'll surely catch him. I just wish to make his trust even strong on his mumma and papa. He should trust us completely in doing anything at every phase in life. Hence the time has come to make him realize that mumma-papa are always there for him and we will always try to step into his shoes.

7. I'll try to do some better investments for my son’ future. All the parents want to facilitate their children with the best privileges they can. But financial condition of parents may hold their hands at times. I feel blessed enough at this point that I can earn and manage my financial life all by myself. I therefore, keep it my priority to make better savings and investments for my child’s future. This would certainly help in his studies and career development.

Mumma loves you so much Vibhu :)


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