On World Smile Day, know 15 health benefits of Smiling
|   Oct 02, 2015
On World Smile Day, know 15 health benefits of Smiling

Happy World Smile Day..

Yes it's World Smile day today.I was checking my emails today morning and I noticed in one of the emails that today world is celebrating Smile day. 2nd Oct is birthday of our honorable Bapu and same day world is celebrating one of the best gesture of kindness "Smile". World Smile day is celebrated at first Friday in the month of October every year. And why we celebrate this day also has an interesting fact behind it. Let me first ask one thing, how many times in a day you use smiley in your WhatsApp conversations, emails, chatting? I guess countless times! I am in habit of sending smiley for every WhatsApp forwarded message. I heavily use smiley even in my official emails to write things with humor. This symbol smiley is actually a whole sentence in itself which every reader himself creates, depending upon his state of mind. The original ‘smiley’ was created by commercial artist Harvey Ball in 1963. Concerned about the commercialization of the quickly iconic graphic, Harvey established Smile Day, which encourages you to participate in acts of kindness and friendliness, and to smile and make others smile. Interesting isn't it ? 

A beautiful smile can make your day. It can heal you, console you and encourage you. Smile is actually a medicine which can be used for any type of pain. So on this World Smile day, here are 15 health benefits of smiling:

1 – Lower Heart Rate – Smiling slows the heart and relaxes the body. This lets the heart work without overworking. People who smile and laugh often are less likely to develop heart disease. Smiling also temporarily reduces blood pressure.

2 – Reduce Stress – Smiling releases endorphins, a hormone, that counteract and diminish the stress hormones. Stress has become a common health issue in today's life so give relief by smiling whole day.

3 – Better Mood – The endorphins (the hormone) do more than kick stress to the curb. Endorphins lift your mood.Which means you are more productive and focused when you work with smile.

4 – Increase Productivity – Smiling has been shown to increase your productivity while preforming tasks. This also explains why jokes and pictures of cute animals/babies can actually get people motivated and working harder after a few moments of smiling or laughter.

5 – Encourage Trust – Studies show that we are more trustful of others when they smile and smile genuinely. Seems relationships are truly built on smiles :). You can win hearts of people with a simple trick, just Smile.

6 – Produce Compassion– When we’re embarrassed or caught doing something questionable, often our first response is a smile. This instinct breaks the initial ice of embarrassment, promotes leniency in what others think of us, and engenders a sense of empathy since we’ve all experienced embarrassment and we want to smile along.

7 – Avoid Regret – We smile to avoid feeling bad for not smiling. Sounds weird and circular, but we don’t want to hurt people’s feelings, so we smile even if we don’t really care. Studies show that if we don’t smile, we feel regret for failing to do so. This regret brings down our mood and boosts stress hormones.

8 – Ease Pain – Smiling and laughter both have been shown to lessen pain. They release endorphins that lift our moods, but many of these act as natural painkillers too.

9 – Increase Attention – Stress limits our perceptions and narrows our attention. We normally get bore when we try to focus on one thing for log time. Smile fight with boredom with opening us back up to multitasking.

10 – Contagious – I love this one! Around 50% of people smile back. This spreads the health benefits throughout those around you and it comes back to you several times as well. 

11 – Make you Attractive – Smiling makes people more attractive. This seems to be especially true for women. Ladies you agree? People tend to initiate talking to those who look smiling.

12 – Earn Success for you – A smile can appear confident, self-assured, and on top of your work. Those who smile are more likely to earn more money through tips and raises. They are more readily approached with business ideas and offered advancements.

13 – You look Younger – This one is my favorite :) Smiles naturally lift the face and in studies have shown to make people look younger, around 3 years younger on average. So with all your beauty treatments, smile in good amount. This is actually a free of cost cure.

14 – You live longer – People who smile more often live longer too, around 7 years longer than most according to one study. It releases stress, helps the heart, and much more to keep you healthy longer.

15 – Boost Immune System – Smiles help the body relax and this lets the immune system react more quickly and effectively against invaders.

You remember when first time your baby smiled, even when sleeping ? and recall your joys which your cherished seeing your tiny soul smiling. That was the best moment of my life when I saw my son smiling. Now he is one year old and very naughty. Everyday when I enter home after office, his smile wipes out all my tiredness and immediately I start playing with him. We parents actually do everything to see smiles on the faces of our kids.I am sure you agree with me!

So Feeling low? Flash a smile on your face, even if it isn’t entirely genuine at first, and turn your entire day around with something simple, easy to do, and free. 

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