Son, you are one fine teacher..
|   Jun 20, 2017
Son, you are one fine teacher..

Don’t you think raising these tiny souls is no less than working for NASA? I always get such vibes when I see my son stepping on the milestones of his life. It is a feeling of proud mixed with sentimental reflex. “Khushi Ke anshu..” you see. Recently a few things happened at our end that made me so glad and eminent. Let me share with you those incidents.

One fine day I forgot to put the lunch box in my office bag. It was “Kadhi-Chawal” that day so I was happy that lunch would be a nice treat. Unfortunately, I missed to carry it with me. When I opened my bag during lunch hours, with dreams of having Kadhi-Chawal, I realized, I forgot to take it from the kitchen. I cursed myself for my forgetfulness. Back home, we enjoyed Kadhi-Chawal in dinner as Kadhi-Chawal is my son’s favorite as well. When I was tucking him in the bed, like every day, he demanded a new story. So, I made a whole new story around what happened with me (as I forgot the lunchbox) that day. My boy was with me throughout the narration, absolutely attentive and awake. As I finished my story saying “Mumma fir Kadhi-Chawal nhi khaa pai..” he kissed me and said “Koi baat nhi..Mai kal se aapko yaad dila dunga morning me Kadhi-Chawal le jane ke liye..fir aap roj lunch le jaoge..” I was not expecting such response from him. For a 3-year-old, saying this is a big thing, I feel. Undoubtedly, he loves me and cares for me. And on top of that, he is trying to make sure I never ever forget my Kadhi-Chawal again. Like somebody who is elder to me, my tot behaved so warmhearted then.

The other day, when we both, mother and son were having our breakfast in the office cafeteria, one of my office mates came and said “Hi..” to my son. Usually, when he encounters someone known in the office, he gives him a nice and big smile. However, for unknowns, that’s his cue to grab my leg and duck behind me. He did the same thing. I felt little embarrassed. I have been trying to teach him the importance of acknowledging the existence of others. And this means saying “Good Morning”, “Good evening” or at least “Hi..” when we see someone. But that day my son was shy. Surprisingly, the same day he greeted someone else so well. When I was heading to drop him in his crèche, he said “Good Morning” to the security guard who was standing near to the gate. Even without I asking him to do so. When I turned my face towards guard bhaiya, I saw his face full of expression. He was touched by my son’s gesture. No one does that! No one cares that he is so up to mark in giving his duty. But not sure when my son noticed that he is also a human who needs some importance too. His “Good Morning” was little something that gave guard bhaiya a reason to feel happy. Again I found my boy teaching me about humanity that day. Out of many people who greet him, my boy chose the one whom no one gives attention.

Both the times, I got lessons for myself. People often say a little child shall lead them. In my case, he is and in the process, I am revising my specimens about life. When he says “Hi” to the plants, when he tries to help other kids (of his crèche) finding their shoes and when he claps while bus driver starts the bus, I get assurance about the upbringing that I am giving to him. I don’t want to only raise him, I am trying to make him a HUMAN. I am happy that I can see the progress!


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