The Motherhood Mix..
|   May 12, 2016
The Motherhood Mix..

Although Google defines motherhood as, “the state or experience of having or raising a child.” But believe me, there are no specific lines that can tell you what motherhood is. Simply because motherhood is a feeling rather than a status or event. This very feeling may be different for different people. Some may feel it a matter of pride while some take it as a distinct gift of God. My motherhood was love to imagine journey that I am enjoying every moment in life. Nonetheless I would cite the following beautiful aspects of motherhood:

* Motherhood is a mix of sleep deprivation and blissful moments of holding peacefully sleeping babies in arms.

It's total frustration when a baby starts solid foods and fights with you as you try to get food into her mouth.

Motherhood is scrubbing everything in sight so your crawler won't pick up a single germ, and it's scrubbing everything in sight that your crawler/toddler has marked all over!

It's yelling because your teen is standing in front of the TV and you want him to focus on studies.

* Motherhood is a really cool feeling of hearing your kids say, "My mother makes the best Pasta" and then enjoying watching them gobble it up.

Motherhood is being up half the night worrying about a teenage who is getting late from a party.

And it's saving all those precious little hand-made things from school and all the little things with "I love you Mumma" written on them.

So far, being a mom has been the most deeply feminine and meaningful part of my life.  I feel contended with my life and I cannot even imagining life without my son.It feels like he was always by my side and he will be.I am mother of a 17-month old jolly boy and I just love being his MOTHER. But to be honest, my definition of motherhood changes every day. In one moment I feel myself so full of love when my son gives me a peck on my cheeks without any reason. Only few minutes after, his naughty acts and childish habits get me so irritated that I could literally scream. He just does not listen to me sometimes while showers his innocent obedience on me some other times.If you asks me how my mothering experience was when my son was a newborn, I would probably say exhausting, depressing, sleep depriving and confusing. But now, the little one has become a toddler, I have got a changed perception regarding motherhood. It's joyful, playful and fascinating now.  And I am sure it would definitely enhance this joy-filed experience as my tot would grow up and achieve new milestones of his life.

I have understood that it’s a joy that is not always fun. It is not even always fulfilling. It’s strictly challenging 24/7 and forever job which I am in parallel carrying with my other corporate sector job.  A mother needs have the hands of a multitude of workers to fill all her kid’s needs, with power that makes her kids feel safe and protected, as well as sometimes a bit fearful because that is actually healthy respect.  She needs to have feet that are quick as a deer's but that can also take one strong stand when it really matters, like an elephant!  Ears that hear even the unspoken words, eyes that see all and comprehend more.  A tongue that can coo sweet nothings to baby and harsh lines to an attitudinal teen!  A stomach that can tolerate vomit anywhere, poop anytime and of any shade, and food made by questionably clean hands and little skill. 

In essence, being a mother means doing the very best you can every single day, even on the days when you don’t feel like doing it with your best part, and knowing that, without a shadow of a doubt, it is worth it! That’s why I feel every day is Mother’s day. Because my son needs me every day and so do I. Having someone who loves you so purely is truly amazing. This, I understood after becoming a mother. I know I am far from perfect, yet my son loves me. At times I yell, at times I lose patience, and at times I am not nice at all, yet he passes on his sweetest smiles at me, yet he run behind me like he feels the deep love for him I have inside. He loves me at my best and at my worst. Sometime I fear that with each passing day, that light at the end of the tunnel that I used to long for seems to suddenly be approaching too fast. But again THAT IS MOTHERHOOD. Mix of fears and lots of love!

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