Are you making your child more sick?
|   Jul 16, 2015
Are you making your child more sick?

If you thought your child's illness in not in your hands, you might be wrong!

This clearly means that if our children fall sick again and again - it's because of our wrong conception of health and illness. 

Ages ago when humans evolved from apes since then for major part of the time that we have existed there has been no medical system - no doctors. There were no paediatricians or cardiologist for our ancestors. Nature has its own way of protecting us. Each being that exists has a defence system- because survival is a basic instinct. This defence system is our immune system. If someone throws a stone at you- what do you do? Well without you knowing your body moves aside in a reflex action to prevent the stone from hitting you. These are protective reflexes which are not in your control and will always be there to protect you.

Similarly when a disease causing germ attacks your body - immune system tries to protect you by throwing germs out.
If germs enter by nasal route we sneeze to throw it out. Also body increases mucus secretion to push out germs - we call it nasal discharge/ cold.
If germs enter by mouth into respiratory system- we cough it out.
and when germs enter through food and water - our body throws out by vomiting and diarrhoea.
So cold, cough , diarrhoea and vomiting are protective responses same as the physical reflexes which protect us.
But in modern medicine these are treated as "disease symptoms" and prime aim is to eradicate them. So we give paracetamol for fever, cough syrups for cough, anti- allergics for sneezing and cold, anti-diarrhoeal for loose motions and so on. They surely curb these "symptoms"  
 The aim should be to treat the cause and not the "symptoms" which are actually protective.
If we give these modern medicines, we see the child improving apparently but what really happens?

1. It we take an example of cough. A slight cough which is not very disturbing doesn't affect the child's general activity and energy level-                requires no treatment. Many a times, at the slightest hint of cold or cough panicked parents start a cough syrup and use nasal drops even        before connecting with the doctor.

    This can be more harmful than being helpful. The cough reflex is trying to throw out the disease causing germs and if we suppress it with           cough syrup- we welcome the germs in our body further inside into the lungs. By suppressing our protective mechanism to throw germs           outward we are helping them to go inward which can lead to lung infections and further asthma.

    If you wonder that in spite of medicating the child at the very start of disease why he still falls sick  - its somewhere we who have made him sick.        

    Similar suppression happens with overuse of medicines for diarrhoea, vomiting and fever.

2.  The chemicals of cough syrup act directly by curbing the cough reflex with no involvement of immune system. This is against the natures law - the one which has kept us healthy for ages.

     As we are attacking our own immune system and it has started attacking us back- by the host of AUTO- IMMUNE diseases which have cropped up. Disease like auto-immune hypothyroidism, rheumatoid arthritis, cancers didn't exist few decades back.

This overuse of medicines needs to be stopped for our own good.
If not, we will continue to make our children sick with deeper and more grave illnesses.
We have survived millions of years without doctors without any kind of medicines. As per the Darwin's theory of "Survival of fittest" - the fact that we have survived , evolved and multiplied many times over speaks volumes of 'fitness' of our immune system and we can continue to do so only if we stop attacking it.

Is there something which works in harmony with the internal immune system ? Yes! -  mighty homoeopathic medicines follow "Natures law of Cure"- by balancing the homoeostatic environment within the body. This boosts the immune system which corrects the illness on its own. The homoeopathic medicines don't treat cough, cold or fever but they only correct the immune system which treats illness by itself.
So along with curing the disease your immune system is also upgraded and you end up healthier. That sounds like a great deal !

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