Art therapy for your child and you!!
|   May 25, 2017
Art therapy for your child and you!!

Do you know the research says that scribbling and messing up actually relaxes the mind. I havd attended couple of classes and witnessed the effects too. Sharing some of my favourite activities that relaxes the mind and gives a fresh perspective towards life.

Art therapy can be anything like going out with your kid and playing in the sand, making castles, getting your hands and dress dirty.Playing with water colors using different mediums like sponge, veggies, brushes and clothes. Don't be scared to get your hands dirty, involve yourself and soak in that madness.Do display your creations on the wall so that both you and your child will feel good of it and it will be like a memory.

Music therapy is something we all have done and enjoyed, just play any music dance with your child. Sing your favourite songs now there are so many apps you can enjoy like smule that comes with karaoke. Dubsmash can be enjoyed together making some fun videos and sharing with friends.Reading is a therapy which can be done as you read stories to your child, amazing picture books are available specially Indian publications like tara, tulika, kaatha etc. Make puppets, draw their favourite characters to make it more fun and that will build the child's vocabulary as well.Cooking therapy - Children love cooking, give them some vessels and veggies, they learn to imitate and you will be amazed at their creativity also you will have a company as you cook. Give them some space near your kitchen Lastly, cleaning therapy - have you noticed how decluttering helps you to unclutter your brain. Children can be involved as you clean their cupboards,thier play areas and they will discover new things and also be engaged for a long time.Therapies doesn't always mean that we are sick it just means that we need some ways to discover our new talents and some of these can become your and your kiddos favorite hobbies

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