Don't be mad at your self!
|   May 26, 2017
Don't be mad at your self!

Forgive others and you will feel life is easy on you 
Yesterday hubby ordered food from the bed and as usual I served him, as much as I hate to to oblige to his orders but there is no point anyways giving him a lecture on the same things again and again so I just walked to the kitchen and served with nothing in my heart and mind. Last week my in-laws came and my father in law as usual gave me a lecture on how to prepare the beetroot as it was not very soft, I just ignored and said ya sure but continued to make as I like. 

People are not gonna change themselves and there are instances where you will not be able to do anything about it at all but why to punish yourself for all these things. Just take it with a pinch of salt and keep moving, no arguments no halla gulla actually helps also important thing is that you don't hold any grudge against people who don't even understand what they are doing is annoying. So basically what's the point holding hard feelings right??

Be yourself and talk less about things that disturbs you, don't keep talking about it to your friends and family members unless it something they can help or some very close people in case. Because what I have noticed is the more we talk behind and assume things it keeps building so the best thing would be do sort out with the person involved. Having hard feelings will spoil your mood so come to. Solution where you change that you think it's possible to change and rest just accept. Give more time to yourseld, do things you like, don't break away with friends. Be in touch with you hobbies and learn to engage yourself better so that unwanted feelings find more space in your mind.

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