MUMMA: I AM ANGRY AND SLEEPY (my son felt he is a trouble for me)
|   Jul 31, 2017
MUMMA: I AM ANGRY AND SLEEPY (my son felt he is a trouble for me)

Advik is a 4 1/2 yr. super energetic-excited normal boy. I am a 33 yr. mentally and physically drained out + late-night hater mom.

His pre sleep routine is definitely my patience-killer.

It is something like:

change evening clothes / run around / get caught / forcibly change to night suit / last trip to bathroom / book read / sudden bout of thirst / trip to the kitchen for water / run a little more / get a black star warning / lie down / suddenly wants a toy to cuddle / trip to his playroom / warning yet again / goes back finally to bed / but no sleep obviously…


Post the above activities comes the real talk time between a teeth chattering mum and a sleep fighting son.


Advik: mumma... I want to tell you something...

Mumma: ok one last thing ADDVIIIKK "fighting my tone"

Advik: I don't want to watch the cartoon with my friend when she comes home. I feel angry, sometimes very angry and then sleepy...

Mumma: confused why angry and sleepy?????


Advik: Well I get angry because she doesn't let me watch my cartoon! She keeps saying what she wants to watch.  So to ignore it, I feel sleepy. But then in the night I feel I trouble you mumma...

Mumma: you don't trouble me Advik. Never think that way. (realizing he can clearly read my body language and tone)

I said to myself: tish tish! HE FEELS HE IS A TROUBLE FOR ME...

and I surprised myself by blurting: "Advik I am internally irritated. I have my own things running inside my head. It has nothing to do with you at all. Thanks for letting me know what you felt.  NEVER EVER ASSUME IT. I LOVE YOU." 

Advik: ok mumma, goodnight and sweet dreamssss (dozes off like magic) 

Mumma: gulp my throat, kiss him / quietly lie next to him.

  • realised this:


Question: do share how you handle such moments. would love to hear and learn your tricks with your children.


a Crazy n Happy Parent...


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