|   Jun 06, 2017

There isn’t a single city in our country where we don’t bump into beggars once we step out of our house. They come in all ages, all colors, all genders and all status. Some already would have judged me and my write-up due to my last sentence of mentioning them as an object, honestly I am not ashamed and no one should be ashamed, knowing the reality behind the beggars, their lives and routine. I am dead against paying a single rupee to the beggars and would any day support and promote helping them with food, clothes, education and other things instead. While I can ignore the beggars on street by not giving them a single rupee I cannot ignore the ones with baby. A beggar with a baby makes u feel responsible towards the baby to give beggar something so I am strongly in favor of BANNING THE BEGGARS WITH BABIES. My argument will follow.

Being extremely active on social media platforms, every now and then I see the images of beggar with baby on my wall that says “The baby doesn’t look like he/she belongs to the beggar. Please share so that the baby reaches the parent”. How painful is the mere thought of what the parent would be going through, we cannot even anticipate the pain, the heart wrenching pain of the mother who kept the baby in womb for 9 months and now is clueless about whereabouts of the baby.

We all are emotional creature and the emotion towards a baby is completely unparalleled. I see my mom stopping mid-way, howsoever late she is running to pay something to the beggar with a baby, saying they need to feed the baby. But is he/she really going to feed that baby with the money given? Is the baby even his or hers? One of the major reasons behind human trafficking is the sympathy that beggars get by holding a baby in arms while begging. Few days ago one healthy, in prime of his life man came begging to me with a baby. I have made it a promise to myself to never pay a single rupee so I offered him to take him to a nearby snack joint for some food. He upright said no and asked for money instead saying he needs that for medicine. I declined, he turned back and took the puff from the cigarette he was hiding all this while considering me his prospective giver.

Another day one young man, physically fit came holding baby to beg, asking for money to buy the baby food. My friend offered him to work for him instead. He told him that he has restaurant and he can start with job that doesn’t need any skills and slowly he will learn. The beggar literally turned tail and flee. After sometime we moved to some other place and that beggar also reached there. Seeing us there he again ran away. That clearly showed that he want a beggar by force but was beggar by choice.  My decision of not giving a rupee to beggar got firmer.

There is another shocking incident, told by my ex-colleague to me. She had a colleague who used to leave behind his year old kid with his nanny and it was all going really well, the baby was attached to nanny and nanny seemed a really caring and good lady to take care of the kid. One day the kid’s mother, because of some work, was on way to home much before her scheduled time. She was aghast to see that her son and the nanny were on streets begging. It took her a while to actually understand what was going on. She took the nanny to police and filed case. She was traumatized. She left her career and took a lot of time to come out of it.

Why did I mention these cases? Because it shows the mentality of our society that they fall prey easily for the beggars who have a baby with them. But do we think is that baby his/ hers? We need to take strong steps to ban the beggars with babies. This will up to some extend reduce the human trafficking. I recently posted one such post on Facebook and was surprised to know from a lawyer friend that there actually is law against that but how many of us are aware of that? There is growing need to spread awareness for such things. At a small level we can start with not showing much sympathy with financial support to such goons, instead we can hand over things like clothes, books, edibles to the baby/kid. But on a larger front we need to take stronger steps to stop beggars from using babies for sympathy.

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