|   Jun 23, 2017

One particular scene from the movie Dear Zindagi struck a chord with me. For those who have seen the movie it’s the Kabaddi scene and for those who have not seen, it’s the scene where the therapist Jehangir Khan tells Kaira the importance of memory that the parents create and leave for their children. That one scene made me melt and made me think what was so special about my recent Mount Abu trip and why I was so adamant on going to Mount Abu and no other place despite of it being called over crowded by many of my friend and relatives.  It being very close to Ahmedabad, friends also made fun of me saying, I am going there to save money. But reason was safe in my heart and very dear to my heart. It is one of the places I frequented with my parents. I have the memories of that place still as fresh as ever in my mind, in my heart.

Before me and my sister got married, the close knit family of we four would take up car and go to Mount Abu. As it’s a hill station, the route used to make me feel a little discomfort in my tummy, but every time the stories told by my sister to comfort me would help me in forgetting the discomfort. The regular traffic jams that we would face while entering Mount Abu never demotivated us from going there again and again as the jams just gave us some more quality time together. The sudden change in temperature would give me and my sister cold but the warmth of mom and dad’s hugs would sooth the problem. Due to season all the luxurious hotels would be jam packed and we used to settle for mediocre hotel as that never mattered as long as we four were together. We had seen all sight-seeing places so many times that most of them were by-heart to us and still we never skipped taking lazy walk to Nakki Lake and sit there for casual chit chat and fun. Every time we used to visit same places, same restaurants to eat and follow almost same routine. Every time we used to walk to Nakki-Lake, on way back we used to have ice cream in cone from same vendor. We used to go shopping to same market and eat dinner and lunch at same frequently visited restaurants.

This time when I decided to go there, things were very different. It was after more than a decade that I was going to visit that place. Initially I was in double mind as whether I should go or not. One part of my mind was telling me to go to explore all those places and relive the moments I spent there with my lovely family. While other part of my mind was saying that it’s been more than a decade, things might not be as beautiful as before so why to ruin those lovely memories. Still I took chance and went there. Unlike last time I wasn’t comforted by my sister’s stories or mom dad’s hugs but this time I was the one trying to make my 2 year old feel secure, happy and safe. Unlike last time, it wasn’t my dad behind the steering wheel, patient with the traffic, but my husband who was getting impatient and honking every time there was a slow driver in front of our car. Unlike last time it was not undecided which hotel we will stay in, rather our stay was pre-booked in one of the most luxurious hotels. Unlike last time the visits to the well-known sight-seeing destinations were not uncertain but we were going to make sure to visit all the places. Unlike last time the restaurants where we will have lunch and dinner were not fixed but it was decided that once we are there we will see whether to have meals at hotel we staying in or eat out. These were the feelings that filled up my mind throughout the drive to Mount Abu.

Once we reached, after me having many panic attacks as it was first hill station for my little one and seeing my better half losing his cool every now and then, we made ourselves comfortable in the plush hotel room. We got fresh and made plan to visit all the places, taking suggestion from the tour guide of the hotel. I was feeling depressed as things were not going as per my expectation but I preferred keeping quiet. I followed what was suggested to me but not with my heart. Soon my better half realized that I was half as excited about the trip anymore as I was when we started. He sat down with me and asked me my concern. I didn’t know the answer and I could not just hold back my tears. He let me cry while sitting next to me, making sure the little one keeps herself busy in playing and doesn’t see her mother shedding tears. Once I was feeling a bit lighter he told me the reason of my being low. He told me “I know you had very different expectations from this trip. Even though you didn’t tell me but I know for you this trip is re-living your childhood memories, but Annu things change, place change but memories stay intact. Why to compare a beautiful memory of past with present? Why not focus on turning our present into beautiful memory? I accept that your parents gave you lovely moments to cherish lifelong at this place, let us make such special moments for our little one”. I was numb. I was startled for a moment thinking how well he knows me and how easy he explains me to me.

The trip was a beautiful one. The trip, though completely different from my expectation was a beautiful one in its own way. The place looked different, the place smelled different, the place felt different. It was nothing like the ones I used to enjoy with my parents and sister, it was nothing like what was registered in my mind, but it was extremely very special as it was like creating new memories with new added members in my life. While my heart kept my old memories safe, it gladly added this new memory.

So despite of people calling it over crowded or blaming me to opt for Mount Abu, I won’t mind going there again and again because it’s way above any such reasons as its legacy of memories created by my family for me and I want it to be one of the places to leave legacy of memories for my little one.

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