Almond Villa, Srinagar- a homestay
|   Jun 26, 2016
Almond Villa, Srinagar- a homestay

With the arrival of the school holidays especially during the long summer break everybody is scouting around for a great destination with a comfortable place to stay. Googling for reviews I read some great ones on Almond Villa. This is a perfect holiday destination to beat the Delhi heat. If you have young kids it becomes even more important to look for a comfortable and friendly place. This May we visited Srinagar for a week and stayed at Almond Villa which overlooks the Dal Lake. Almond Villa in Srinagar is a quaint property with an old world charm. There is also a cottage nearby with three rooms and a fully equipped kitchen if you want to cater for yourself. The Villa’s spacious rooms, wooden floors and traditional wooden ceiling add to the atmosphere. A two storied structure, surrounded by apple and peach orchards, is situated in the shadow of the Shankaracharya Temple and overlooks the Dal Lake. Entering the Villa you have a feeling of calm as it is away from the tourist hustle bustle but still close enough to walk to Nehru Park on the Lake and teeming humanity.

 Owned by Dr. Jyotsna Singh the Villa is a homestay with a beautiful garden, a variety of colourful flowers and place for solitary walks. The flowers, birds and wild life give you a complete experience of staying in wilderness. There is a cozy and warm reading room, a well-run kitchen and helpful staff. The garden has an Umbrella tree straight out of an Enid Blyton book. In fact it had a tree house a long time back. If you sit under the tree, it gives you a feeling of privacy.

Recently they have discovered a basement which again is out of an adventure story for kids. The whole space is divided with walls and arches. Almond Villa has a lot to offer if you are looking for a place to unwind and commune with nature. You could be lucky to meet the brown bears or a cheetah. We did spot a huge snake, we could not identify.

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